The Ideal Teacher by Sheridan


For me, an ideal teacher would be a very humorous and caring person. I would like him/her to treat everybody the same and equally. I would also like the teacher to play educational games occasionally so everybody would enjoy his/her class. I would expect to see a firm but not strict teacher so that even though we do have lots of fun, we will still learn many things that will benefit us in the long run. I would like for the teacher to understand everybody’s personalities as well as feelings. For me, this is what an ideal teacher would be.

3 thoughts on “The Ideal Teacher by Sheridan

  1. Educational games sound fun. Would that be like Scrabble, Boggle, or Pictionary?

  2. Probably any of them would be fun to play in school because they are all educational!😄

  3. I think chess is also a good psychologically stimulating game, because it teaches you to think ahead, and to carefully make every decision. It also teaches you to learn from your mistakes.

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