The Ideal Teacher by Will P

To me, the ideal teacher would be one that uses the Señor Glass method. Señor Glass is my spanish teacher. His method is that he usually gives us at least two pop quizzes a week. I really like this method because it makes you have to study every night because you never know if there will be a quiz the next day. This is a very good way to see which students are on top of it and which ones are not. I really like the idea of keeping the students on their toes. Also, I feel like this is much better than giving a huge test to the students. That is what I think an ideal teacher would do.


2 thoughts on “The Ideal Teacher by Will P

  1. I agree with this method. When you learn this way, you actually learn the words/phrases, instead of just cramming it it he night before a test the forgetting it all. It also is really funny watching everybody guess when there is a pop test.

  2. I like that idea, however what if it was a subject like LA that made studying repetitive?

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