The Perfect Teacher By Charlie E

I believe the perfect teacher would be a younger teacher, a smart teacher. The perfect teacher would see problems from a child’s view, a student’s view. They would be able to take care of academic problems and personal problems. The perfect teacher would need to give candy, because they would be very nice. The perfect teacher would have a great sense of humor, and would not be afraid to use sarcasm against annoying students. They would stand strong against outside criticism and would be belligerent, in a good sort of way. The perfect teacher would be quite the teacher, if they existed. But, alas, they do not, for the human personality is too flawed for this to be possible. But still, they would be awesome. Just Saying.

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Teacher By Charlie E

  1. Teachers should see things from a child’s point of view. When they were in school, things were much different. They need to see how it is for us now.

  2. Teachers should make surveys about how children thought about certain teaching methods and activities. That way, teachers would not have to personally ask questions, and it could be anonymous.

  3. So insightful! I love your comment about how the perfect teacher cannot exist-very wise!
    -Nicole Donnelly

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