The Perfect Teacher by Dylan J.


Photo taken by Dylan J.

In my Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver in which it is called a perfect society. In this post the point is to describe what a perfect teacher is. In my opinion the perfect teacher is nice, patient, strict, never is very mean, and likes to be involved in what her students are involved in. One of my teachers in first grade had all of these qualities and was always smiling and talking with us about what was going on in our life. I also think a teacher an be nice but they still have to be a little strict so that if the kids get riled up the teacher can calm us down.


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Teacher by Dylan J.

  1. Great post, but I disagree with having a strict teacher. She/he should be perfect.

  2. Would Mrs. Saffo fit this criteria? She is really nice, but can be strict when she needs to.

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