An Ideal Teacher by Jinger

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In the book called The Giver, the main character, Jonas, is living in an ideal society. I think an ideal teacher would be nice to her students and I also think she would be caring to her students. An ideal teacher would be a good teacher who teaches her students where they understand the material she’s teaching, and she would not yell at them if they didn’t understand something. If a student did something she would take the time to sit down with them so they would understand. If a student did something a teacher didn’t like, most teachers would start yelling which humiliates the student in front of the class and students hate that. I think an ideal teacher would pull them aside and talk to them privately. Lastly, students would like an ideal teacher because they are nice, they teach well, they love what they do and they love their students. Also, if  you were to give the kids candy every day and assign no homework the students would love you but that’s not an ideal teacher. Maybe they would give their students candy every once in a while if they did something good!


5 thoughts on “An Ideal Teacher by Jinger

  1. I agree with you about the candy but disagree about the yelling. I think teachers shouldn’t start yelling but they shouldn’t pull the student outside of the room, the student would probably be intimidated. I think the teachers should just politely say “don’t do that”

  2. I think you did a great job in describing an ideal teacher in a realistic way! Also that book is one of my favorites!
    -Nicole Donnelly

  3. I agree with you about not humiliating the student when he/she misbehaves. It’s more polite to pull them off to the side.

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