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Photo of a magnet by Sylvia

I think that an ideal teacher would give little to no homework and especially no homework on the weekends because that is when you get a break from school. It would also be ideal if there were quizzes and tests but no grades so the pressure is off a bit. The whole purpose of quizzes and tests is to see which students understand the material, so we don’t really need grades. Besides, most of us get good grades anyway. It is also better for the teacher to actually teach his/her students, not just give them worksheets. That’s how I think an ideal teacher would be but I think that the teachers at Durham Academy are very good teachers and we are very lucky to go to school there.


3 thoughts on “Ideal Teacher by Sylvia

  1. Great point about the use of grades! I think that brings up a very interesting point for teachers
    -Nicole Donnelly

  2. Yea no homework to me is best for kids. Also some teachers give homework then go over it in class which they shouldn’t because the kids they can be learning the material at a better level of their knowledge. For example if someone has a question on something other then the homework it’s necessary to ask.

  3. Interesting ideas. I should have added in that I would like a good teacher to leave off homework over the weekends! Your thinking is very unique, and I like your idea of different grades! Nice picture!

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