Giver Memory by Jinger


Chocolate pralines (photo by Jinger)
In The Giver, which is a community that is all the same, Jonas gets selected Reciever of Memory. He finally gets to experience a difference. He finally gets to experience some real feelings like love, pain, happiness, sadness, and anger. He has happy memories sad memories, painful memories, loving memories and much more. In my blog post I will discuss what memory I would give away if I could give away memories like Jonas can.

I would give away a happy memory because I want be able to experience what a happy memory would feel like. A happy memory in my life would be when my family traveled to Georgia, Savannah for the first time. We went downtown to and looked at all the shops. My favorite candy store ever is located there. They have pralines which I ate for the first time. Pralines are made out of hot carmel and sugar syrup usually shaped in the form of a cookie! There was more to Savannah then eating candy though, I bought a lot of cute clothes from the shopping stores downtown. We also visited some historical places and I learned about the history of pralines! The most important part about all of this is that I got to spend time with my family and do lots of activities with them and that is a very happy memory.


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