Membean By Joanna

In Language Arts, we use a website called Membean. Membean gives you vocabulary words and quizzes or gives you new words based on how well you are doing on the little quizzes on individual words. Also, it gives you a level of Membean. Your level is perfect for you and contains words on your level, so you can have words that aren’t too easy, but aren’t too hard. Also, Membean allows you to choose different lengths of practice time so you can do a bit or a lot! Membean also has an ITK button (or I Know This button) so you can skip a word if you know it by heart already. For me Membean is like vocabulary lists of words that I don’t already know from reading and news. Membean is vocabulary, so you kind of are like “Urrrgh, do I have to do this?” But it is really fine once you start! You should definitely try it out some time!


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