End of the Year iPads by Dylan J.

Screenshot taken by Dylan J.

This is the end of our school year and our iPad program. Overall, I think the iPads were a great learning tool letting kids use websites that help them study and going to websites teachers want us to. There are also many apps that helps us learn.

In particular, I think I used and liked Evernote and Flashcards the best. Flashcards helped me study for tests the old fashioned way. Evernote was where my teachers could post homework if someone was sick and they could put documents they want us to read or do on Evernote. I can also take notes on Evernote so that was helpful. Another good thing about the iPads is that we have the mail app which lets us communicate with our teachers if we are sick or we are missing work. The mail app also lets us email our friends to ask them if we did not write down the homework.


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