iPads by Michael J


For the past year, our school has been experimenting with and using iPads during class. The iPads have helped a lot because we don’t have to go to the lab when we need to go online, and they are great for taking notes. I have used the iPad the most in Language Arts class because we write a lot, do Membean and other things involving the iPad.

I use it to write down homework for every class because there is a reminders app. It is great for taking notes because not only can I write down notes but if we are doing an experiment in science, we can video it and watch it again. We use it for projects and sometimes we use more than one app. Like in history, I would make a Keynote presentation, draw a picture for it in Sketchbook, and research on Safari. I think a lot of people have enjoyed using the iPads this year and they have been very helpful.


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