Membean by Kay Y.







An example of a question from Membean.

In Language Arts class this year we started doing an online vocabulary word program called Membean. I think it’s a really good program because it forces me to learn the words that I don’t know as well until I know them by heart! Membean is good because it has a lot of repetition of words, and many different types of questions. One type of question that I find hard shows you a picture to describe the word, a hint, the first letter and the other spaces. I find this type of question hard because its difficult remembering a specific word from just a letter and a hint. One thing that I like about Membean is that whenever I get a new word the program shows me a picture that helps give me a sense of what the word might be. Because membean has so many different types of questions it really trains me to learn the word and its meaning not just the answer to a question!


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