Membean by Keenan W

Membean is an online vocabulary site that my Language Arts class has been using for most of the year. On Membean, you receive different vocabulary words that you have to learn. Membean has been a very good way for me to learn new vocabulary. If I see one of my Membean words in a book I am reading, I know what it means.I like how Membean makes you restudy a word if you get a question wrong, because if you get the question wrong it means that you don’t know the word.

Sometime in the middle of the year, our class wrote the developer of Membean telling him things that we like and don’t like about Membean. He wrote back to every single one of us. It was really cool because he told some of us that they were working on some of the things that we wrote about. I would recommend Membean to anybody who is interested in expanding their vocabulary because Membean is a great way to do that.


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