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Membean is a useful tool to help learn many words for the SAT or just to learn them. In Membean you have your personal dashboard which can tell you many things like how many words you got right during the last study session and how many words you have already learned well. When you are in a study session, Membean puts up various pages to help you learn the word. For example, when you are learning a word, the program would load up a page with many things like memory hooks or synonym maps.

My experience with Membean this year was excellent. I started learning 335 words out of 401 words and have about 250 of them almost ready for the target day, which is when the program expects you to have learned the words if you do four 15 minute study sessions each day.

I think Membean is a lot better than vocabulary lists because first of all, vocabulary lists don’t let you learn as much. Second of all, Membean continuously tests you on the words that you’ve learned, so if I learned something a few weeks ago, Membean might test me on it today again so that I remember it longer. Also, I think Membean is a little more fun than vocabulary lists. After learning words in Membean, all of a sudden they start popping up in books and I actually know what they mean!

I personally learn best when Membean gives me more synonym maps. I am kind of interested using Membean over the summer and seeing what level I can get to. Membean is a really great program and I would recommend it over vocabulary lists to students next year.


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