My Brain Kay Y.


This year we created a Life List in Language Arts class. This as a lot of fun because I got to hear what other people wanted to do and come up things that I want to do and accomplish during my life time. A lot of my goals were related to travel, but some were goals that I just really want to accomplish. Some of my items include: go to all seven continents, go to the seven wonders of the world, graduate high school, graduate college, get certified for scuba diving, go to Spain, go to Thailand, go sky diving etc.!

Some of these goals I have already started working on, for example get certified for scuba diving- I have already started the certification process and I not need my four certification dives, and then Great Barrier Reef here I come! I’m also working on a lot of my travel goals! My family never misses an opportunity to go to an exotic country! I can also see the influences from my sixth grade year on my Life List, like go to Spain because I take Spanish. I really love the class and language and I want to go there.

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