My iPad by Kay Y.







Photo taken by me.

This year we were given iPads from our school and at first I wasn’t sure of them. They were hard to use and each app had different things necessary: some you have to save, some synchronize, some there’s nothing at all. But as the year went on I learned more about the iPads, I figured out how to use a lot of the apps, and my friends and teachers helped me when they didn’t work. Some of the most helpful apps that I use everyday are: Evernote, Reminders, Blogsy, Google Drive, and the Camera. I use reminders to write my homework down, and Evernote to take notes in class and have a backup copy of what the homework is. Blogsy I use in language arts class for our class blog to create my posts. At one point or another I have used Google Drive in almost every class. Google Drive allows us to collaborate with other classmates, share with teachers, and access our work from any device with Internet connection. I use the camera to take pictures of the board for class and notes.


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