My Brain by Franny


During our last “full” week of school, my Language Arts class has been working on our last project- drawing our brains. My Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Donnelly, thinks that the human brain is really fascinating and incredible, so for this project, we drew ours.

I know what your thinking- that this would be very hard, would probably take more than a week, and that what does drawing your brain have to do with Language Arts? I will explain. We were “outlining” a brain shape and then, either inside it or in the space around it we would put what we think about every day.

In mine, I had small sections and a few pictures on the outside of the brain. I drew pictures to represent things instead of words because for some reason, I usually think with visuals and pictures instead of just words or phrases. I also like to draw, so I wanted to make it fun.

Going back to what you may have been thinking before, no, this doesn’t really have anything to do with Language Arts. It is just a fun project for the end of the year. The above picture shows the finshed product of my brain. I would have outlined the words with Sharpie, but I never got a chance to and I had to scan it so please excuse the hard-to-read writing!

3 thoughts on “My Brain by Franny

  1. Dear Franny,

    I love your brain and all the introcut detail and pictures. I love how your brain represents you in a ton of different ways. your color choices were spot on and I hope if we do the brain project that mine looks as good as yours.


  2. Dear Franny,

    Your brain project is really good. I love the way you put detail in your pictures, and your writing. The brain that you drew really showed what you like. Something that caught my eye in your brain was the colors you used. And again good job!


  3. Dear Franny,

    I love your brain and all the neat drawings of what you like to do. I could totally understand your brain because you are such a good drawer! I like how you put the things you like in different sections so you can tell how much you like to do it. If we do a brain project I hope I can draw as well as you.


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