My Brain by Jack H


In Language Arts class we made brains that represented us. This is my brain and this is what I like and like to do. We also hade to make a Life List. A Life List is a list of things that we want to do over our whole life. My Life List  mostly has things that are to do with sports. My brain also has a lot of sports in it because I like sports. In my whole life I hope to complete  everything on my Life List.

3 thoughts on “My Brain by Jack H

  1. Jack H, I liked your blog about your brain. I really liked your drawing and how you formed it. I liked that you gave information about everything you liked.

  2. Jack H, I liked how you put the things you like in your brain, your drawings were very good too. I don’t think I could ever have done something about Duke, though. But you made a great brain with things that you liked. Good job!

  3. This is totally awesome….creative…..wonderful way to “journal” a school life for both teachers and students.

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