What Do You Notice?


Photo by Patti Donnelly

Part of paying attention is being aware of things around you and being present. I cannot remember when I noticed my first heart, but now I cannot help but notice them. I see hearts everywhere. As you can imagine, I photograph them. Perhaps you notice something as well.

Challenge: Tune in to what you are aware of for an hour, a day, a week, or more. Write a post about your awareness. If you can capture a photo, that would be fabulous! Feel free to comment below to let me know what you notice or what you will be looking for. Let me know if you find some hearts!

41 thoughts on “What Do You Notice?

  1. That’s cool! When I am in a big city I notice people talking on phones, and wearing ear buds! I can’t wait to write a post about something that I notice.

  2. I don’t usually notice things like hearts. What I notice is sounds. Sometimes when I’m playing in my yard, I will hear deer cracklings leaves, or birds chirping.

  3. I see hearts all around, I try to remember where they are so I can come back and take pictures but I often forget. I need to make more time to go outside with a camera and just open my eyes and look around.

  4. The things I notice are the smiles on people’s faces. The smile on someone’s face when you say thank you, when you say cool shoes, when you say congratulations, but the best is when you smile and you get a smile back.

  5. I notice when you are looking for something, everything becomes that object. I notice this when I look for wild animals in backyard. Every stick becomes a snake.

  6. I don’t notice things like that but I notice animal prints instead. I notice things like a paw/hoof/claw track, an animal hole, and other things animals leave behind.

  7. I notice sirens a lot I hear them very commonly. One of the reasons is that I live by a hospital. Even then I hear them at school. It’s kind of weird but it is what I hear!

  8. Whenever I am walking outside or right after a soccer game, I will look up in the sky and see all different kinds of clouds. When I look at the clouds I will see different shapes, animals, or just something that is on my mind. I always notice the clouds and there different forms.

  9. Lately I have noticed how many leaves have been on the ground and in particular I have noticed leaves with three points off of it.

  10. What I notice the most is probably horse trailers. When ever I see them I wonder what type of horse(s) are in them. I think it is a lot of fun!

  11. I loved your blog post. It made me feel that I have to pay attention to things more important to what we think is important. I know that doesn’t really make sense, but it really maked me looked in a different perspective.

  12. I always notice the kind of cleats somebody is wearing, and I never forget to see what somebody’s shirt looks like.

  13. I notice the difference in everything. I notice the different colors we wear. I notice the games we play. Nothing is the same. We are all an individual.

  14. I recently have noticed people in my area wearing Appalachian State shirts. I started noticing this after my neighbor told me that was the college she was going to.

  15. Whenever I am walking around I notice all the words. Everywhere you are you are always hearing words and sounds. I notice words because it is how others communicate. I think if we didn’t have words this would be a different world.

  16. I notice things in nature, like cloud formations, if birds are in trees, and things like that.

  17. When I play tennis I notice how someone hits like drop shots, lobs, cross court, and down the line.

  18. I usually notice books wherever I go. I notice if a book is small, big, long or short. I also always, when I can, read the back or the front flap of a book.

  19. I don’t normally notice a lot of things but one thing I do notice are people who wear certain things a lot like sweaters, earrings, etc.

  20. Hi, guys! I’m a 6th grade teacher too in GA and Mrs. Donnelly is my AWESOME 1st cousin….The first thing I notice about a person is their smile…have you ever noticed that if you look at somebody, they will usually always smile at you? Isn’t that cool? It reminds that everyone deserves to be happy and it’s our job to take baby steps like just noticing someone to brighten their day and reminding them to smile!

  21. I usually notice cloud formations, and sometimes I notice different objects in a room. I see some great things when I look at the clouds.

  22. What I notice all the time is sports going on around me. I love all different types of sports like lacrosse and soccer so when I notice different sports going on I think of all the different sports I play.

  23. I don’t really notice things, but if I do notice if it’s a sunny or rainy day. I love sunny days. When it rains you can’t do much.

  24. I notice formations in nature. Like cloud shapes, shapes of leaves, etc… I am a Boy Scout so I tend to notice that stuff a lot (camping trips.)

  25. I notice all of the nature around me. It’s really pretty to see all of the trees, flowers, bushes, etc.

  26. I notice lots of things. Especially hearts in trees, clouds, and on the ground.

  27. That was a great blog post! Some things that I notice all over the place are pencils and coins. They’re everywhere they’re in and on the ground, sidewalks and other nicks and crannies.

  28. I thought that it was really cool that you notice hearts. Like Colin, I have noticed broken arms. So far I’ve noticed five, I’m wondering who is next!

  29. Wherever I go, I notice money. Mostly coins, but sometimes I’ll find bills. It’s cool seeing the different designs on quarters, and the different times the coins and bills were put into circulation.

  30. Mrs. Donnelly I really liked your post, I loved all the detail you put in it. I usually notice the shapes of leaves, little shiny things, the shape of rocks, and the shape of clouds. I really loved your post!

  31. That’s really cool! I usually. Notice the color of animals eyes and how they would look if they were my eyes!

  32. I have a friend who notices faces so I take pictures of those for her. I mostly see those in clouds.

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