Adam Gidwitz

Adam Giditz 10-16-13

Adam Gidwitz 10-16-13

Photos by Patti Donnelly

Adam Gidwitz came to our school October 16, 2o13. He shared the REAL Cinderella story with the stepsister’s eyes being pecked out and all. In his Grimm trilogy, he cleverly intertwines several fairy tales in each book. Which book is your favorite and why?

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  1. I have read the first book and I’m reading the second one. So far my favorite is the first because the second one isn’t as gripping.

  2. So far, in the series, A Tale Dark And Grimm is my favorite. I loved Adam Gidwitz when he came to our school! He was so funny and made the stories come alive. I can’t wait to finish the third book!

  3. My favorite Grimm book is a Glass Grimmly because there is more action in the book than the others.

  4. I have not read any of the books but I am going to read the first one when my mom orders it.

  5. I love Adam Gidwitz’s books! They are awesome. Right now I am actually reading the last book in the Grimm series, and so far it is my favorite. It has the real Cinderella story in it and I love it! I am was so sad when he said that this was his last book in the Grimm series. I hope that he comes out with another series.

  6. I loved it when Adam Gidwitz came to DA! My favorite part was when he told us the real Cinderella story, even though I’ve read it before. I haven’t read any of Adam Gidwitz’s books yet, but I can’t wait to read them!

  7. I have read A Tale Dark and Grim and In a Glass Grimmly and so far I think the first one has been better, but I haven’t read the last one yet so what can I say?

  8. I really enjoyed Adam Gidwitz coming! I have only read his first book in the trilogy A Tale Dark and Grimm. I am thrilled to read the other books in the series.

  9. I thought it was really cool to have another author come in and talk to us! I have not yet finished his first book but I am looking forward to finishing it and it is really good! I also thought it was neat how he told us the real story of Cinderella and it was every Grimm which I don’t know!

  10. I have not read one of Adam Gidwitz’s books yet but I loved that he came he was very funny but his stories were gruesome. His books seemed really funny and gross.

  11. I really liked the first one because it was one of the first books I’ve read where the author talked to you.

  12. I have read the first one and I am almost done with the second one but the first one is much better because in the first chapter some kids get there heads cut off, and in the second one it takes a little bit into the book till when there is blood and then it gets interesting.

  13. I have not read any of his books, but I have heard they are amazing and I really want to read them.

  14. I liked that Adam Gidwitz came to my school. He is a very funny guy. I have not read any of his books and I do not think that I can. I just can not read books with parts of the body being chopped off, blood, and eyes being pecked out.

  15. I think my favorite book of the Grimm series is the last one, A Grimm Conclusion. I think this book is overall the most creative and funniest. It also included a lot of things that happened to Adam Gidwitz during his life.

  16. I haven’t read any of his books but I had to pick I would go with the second book since he worked the hardest on it.

  17. My favorite book was the second one In A Glass Grimmly because I love the stories in it, the setting and the really funny characters.

  18. I really want to read his series! I’ve gotten a ton of recommendations, but I haven’t found the time to read them. I hope to soon!

  19. I think his final book would be the best. I believe this because the story it was based off of was very bloody and interesting. I hope I will be able to read his books soon.

  20. I haven’t read any of his books yet, but I just started reading the book, A Tale Dark and Grimm. I decided to read this book because I have heard good reviews about it and it seems very interesting because I have never heard of any other book like it.

  21. I personally have not read any of his books but if I did I would probably choose to read the first one. And I really love all his twists to the regular stories and the Cinderella story was very very entertaining.

  22. I have not read any of the books, but I’m ordering one now because I loved his storytelling!

  23. What a hard question. If I had to pick my favorite book in the Grimm series it would be the first book ( A Tale Dark And Grimm) because it has been the only book I have fully read of his and it super gripping.

  24. I enjoyed having Adam Gidwitz come to our school. He had lots of advice for writing, and he told us some creepy and funny stories. I loved having him here!!!

  25. I have not read any of his books, but I really want to. His vist was very interesting.

  26. I have just started reading his first book, it is interesting… and kind of disturbing. But I really like the book and I look forward to reading the whole series!

  27. I use Evernote for all of my classes! I use Evernote to check homework, make notes, etc. Evernote is really helpful!

  28. I love all of his books, but my favorites by far are IN A GLASS GRIMMLY and A TALE DARK AND GRIMM. I like these books the best because they are funnier and stranger, with more unexpected twists and turn. The third book, THE GRIMM CONCLUSION, is still a great book, but nothing compared to the other two.

  29. I think it was so cool when Adam Gidwitz came to our school. My favorite book is The Grimm Conclusion. I just started reading it and I love it! There are some really grim stories in the book, but there are also some funny parts.

  30. My favorite book is the last one. I like how the Marchenwault (am I spelling that right?) ties everything together.

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