Community Service – Gleaning

DSC_4272sweet potatoPhotos by Patti Donnelly

What happens to leftover food in the fields? On Wednesday, 48 6th graders rode an hour from school to an open field in North Carolina. In about two hours we gleaned 4,230 pounds of sweet potatoes that would have gone to waste. We worked with the Society of St. Andrew-NC who distributed 4,000 pounds to New Focus Community Mission in Enfield, North Carolina, and 230 pounds to individuals in need.

DSC_4290 bags of potatoes 2013

A donation of $20 will provide one person with the USDA recommended requirement of vegetables and fruits every day for two months. Checks can be made out to the Society of St. Andrew and mailed to: P.O.Box 25081 Durham, NC 27702-5081.  Or you can donate online.

DSC_4341 BrandonCaveny 2013

DSC_4375 IsabellaStrauss 2013


What are you doing to help our community?

3 thoughts on “Community Service – Gleaning

  1. I had a lot of fun sweet potato gleaning. It was a great community service project. I hope we do more like it soon!

  2. We are trying to set up a date to glean this year. I really like it because it’s outside and we are helping feed people who don’t have enough food. What has been one of your favorite community service activities you’ve done at DA or with your family?

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