A Legacy of Courage – Dr. Franklin Eugene McCain Sr.

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Jibreel Khazan (speaking) and Joseph A McNeil (left side-second seat), members of the A&T Four, celebrate Dr. Franklin McCain’s life and legacy

On Thursday, January 16, 2014 a group of students and teachers from Durham Academy attended the memorial service for Dr. Franklin Eugene McCain Sr. in Greensboro, North Carolina. Many have heard the story of his actions and courage at the Woolworth store in February 1960, but do you know about other aspects of his legacy? We smiled, cried, reflected, and learned from distinguished guests and family members about his every day beliefs and how those beliefs will continue to inspire us to live a better life each and every single day.

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Sons, Franklin E. McCain, Jr. and Wendell A. McCain, recalled life with their father.

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Will we live in the shadow of this civil rights pioneer, or will we be a reflection of what he lived for? You decide. What will you do each and every day to make things right? To speak up and act? To be your best self?

Photos by Patti Donnelly 2014

48 thoughts on “A Legacy of Courage – Dr. Franklin Eugene McCain Sr.

  1. I remember going to this service and being really glad I went. It was a very emotional service, but also very educational about Dr. Franklin McCain Sr. And the civil rights movement.

  2. I really like the Memorial Service. I learned a lot. I thought some of the speakers were really funny.

  3. Mr.McCain was a huge leader, and he helped with one of the biggest movements in African American history. He was a great man.

  4. I was really glad that I went to the service. It was very educational and historical. I learned more about the civial rights movement and Dr. Franklin McCain Sr.

  5. I really enjoyed the memorial service. I am really thankful that I got to go. I learned a lot about Dr. Franklin McCain Sr. And had an amazing time.

  6. I never didn’t go to the memorial but I knew Dr. Franklin McCain’s background and story. It’s nice to know that a man with no fear went and changed history.

  7. Even though I didn’t go, I’m glad other people went to the memorial service and learned some about Dr. Franklin Eugene McCain Sr.

  8. Going to the service was really amazing! I am so glad we got to be a part of this and know someone like him!

  9. I didn’t attend this service but I wish I did. I heard that it was a lot of fun. It sounded very educational.

  10. I wanted to go, but I also did not want to miss class. A very well-writen and articulated post! Bravo!

  11. He was a very brave man. I think it is good that he did what he did because someone has to stand up for himself. I sang at a church and many people spoke about standing up for yourself.

  12. I think it’s amazing how people had the courage to do something like that, and its very lucky that some of y’all got to go and honor them

  13. He was a great man and a great role model. I am sad I was not able to go, but I am glad a lot of people went.

  14. I think what he did was amazing. And I want to do something like that to help my community. Thank you for what you did.

  15. He was an extremely brave man do go and sit at the counter in Greensboro. I would not be brave enough to do this.

  16. He was a very brave and courageous man. He did a great thing which changed our history.

  17. I am very appreciative for what he did. Being brave and fighting for what he believed in was truely amazing. It is sad that he has passed but his legacy will last for a century.

  18. Dr. McCain was pushing towards equality just like Dr. King. He was fighting for something that he believed in and it is important that we continue to do that to this day and in the future.

  19. As we live in a mostly free and equal country, the United States of America, we all have to realize it wouldn’t have been this way without people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, or Dr. Franklin McCain.

  20. Mr. McCain certainly carries on the legacy of equality just like Dr. King. He is one of the many people who fought for what they believed in, but it is important that we keep on fighting in order to truly honor these brave people.

  21. Mr. McCain is very courageous and brave. The way that people treated him and blacks back then was very rough, and for him to take a stand and sit at a lunch counter with his friends and classmates to bring whites and blacks together.

  22. Mr. McCain did a very brave thing. And that will be remembered forever. No doubt about it.

  23. This post is very descriptive. It really inspires people to set goals for themselves in the future to make society better.

  24. In 5th grade I read a lot about the protest. Me and my class did a play on the protest. I liked to act out the script of all the cahracters.

  25. He must have been so brave, with all those disapproving eyes watching him. I can’t even imagine doing something like that.

  26. Mr. McCain was such a brave man, being judged and letting those judging people watch him without a care, just letting his opinions shine over all the haters.

  27. I’ve heard of what he did like people would threaten him but he still sat there. He was a great man and I’m glad he had a great service.

  28. I am sure he would be very happy, and yet find many chances for further improvement of where we are today. It is so great that there will always be someone to speak up for themselves, no matter how small their voices seem to be. Great post and pictures.

  29. Though I never met him he sounds like a amazing person and I think he would be a great role model.

  30. He was a very great and brave man. He did a lot to help our country as we know it. He was truly inspiring and deserves to be remembered by all.

  31. I like how this post reminds us of our past and how we can make a better future for ourselves.

  32. I am really inspired by the past and how the African-Americans fought against the whites. The people that support him are very nice, taking time of for a very well written speech is amazing.

  33. I remember my dad talking to me about the sit ins, now knowing that someone from my schools grandfather was in the group of four makes me appreciate this information way more than I already did, thank you Mr. McCain, for all you did.

  34. Dr. Franklin McClain stood up for African Americans and his actions made a big impact in the USA.

  35. I really like how Mr. McCain showed everyone that if you don’t like something try to change it, and your actions will make a difference.

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