Judea Reform Congregation Field Trip

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Judea Reform Congregation

Last week we visited the Judea Reform Congregation where we listened to Rabbi Friedman share information about Jewish holidays, rituals, and beliefs. Ms. Saffo-Cogswell set up this field trip as an extension of what students are learning about in History. One thing Rabbi Friedman talked about was Torah.

Judea Reform Congregation Jan 2014 DSC_0180

What did you learn? Please comment below.

29 thoughts on “Judea Reform Congregation Field Trip

  1. I think it was good to have a field trip for an extension on what we are learning in History class.

  2. Yeah, that was a really interesting experience for me. I really enjoyed hearing Rabbi Friedman talk. I learned that the Torah is read from right to left. It was very cool.

  3. I learned that Jews have a special diet. The aren’t allowed to eat certain things because of religious reasons.

  4. I liked the trip to the synagogue very much! My favorite part was when Rabbi Friedman read part of the Torah.

  5. I really liked visiting the center, everything was super interesting! I really liked learning about the different Jewish holidays. Going to the Jewish Reform Congregation actually made me want to be Jewish! I hope I get to go back sometime!

  6. The Judea Refom Congrigation was so cool and I learned so much. One of the things I learned was that Jewish people that fallow the kosher are not allowed to eat certain meats.

  7. I learned that the Jewish do not eat pork and what the Torah was. I also saw what the Hebrew alphabet looked like. Going to the synagogue was very fun and educational.

  8. The Judea Reform Congregation was very educational. I learned all about what Kosher was, I learned about Torah, what the holidays were, and much more.

  9. I also enjoyed the trip the the Judea Reform center. I have a friend that goes to that reform center and it was fun to learn about what they do everyday. I really liked it when he was reading from Torah.

  10. I learned a lot about the Jewish culture! I learned all about the Torah, their holidays, and their habits in every day life. I loved going and learning about the Jewish culture with Rabbi Friedman!

  11. I think this will help me in history and on my test. I’m glad we wen’t to see this amazing site.

  12. I learned that Hebrew is read from right to left. Also I learned all about the holidays that the Jews celebrate.

  13. I loved going to the Judea Reform Center. I learned all about the Jewish culture. For example, I learned about the Torah, their culture, Jewish food, and holidays.

  14. I learned a lot about Jewish Tradtion and the Torah. I enjoyed learned about all the holidays and traditions. 😃

  15. The synagogue was such a beautiful building, and I learned about how Jewish laws affected the entire world.

  16. I thought it was really cool how he sung the Torah when he read it out loud. It was also cool to know that every time the scribe wrote God’s name, they had to bathe in holy water.

  17. I learned the importance of the Jewish religion, and some of the history that the Jews went through including great suffering and large achievements.
    I also learned what some of the traditions are, why they are celebrated, and what Jews do to celebrate them. I found that extremely interesting.
    Thank you very much, Rabbi Friedman!

  18. I really enjoyed this, my favorite thing that I learned was that the little hat that they wear is called a keepa and that in there religion you are not allowed to mix meat in milk.

  19. I really enjoyed this service with Rabbi Friedman. I liked learning about Jewish Holidays and traditions.

  20. I enjoyed the visit to the Judea Reform Synagogue last week. My favorite part of the visit was when he took out the Torah Scrol from the special cabinet, and “sang” some of the writing from right to left.

  21. I really enjoyed learning more about Judaism. I learned a few more things about the holidays and the Torah. I want to go back to a synagogue again sometime.

  22. Going to the Judea Reform Congregation was a great experience for me. I have a friend who goes there, so it was fun to see what her religion was like. I learned that the Torah was written and read from right to left instead of left to right. Rabbi Friedman taught us a lot about the Jewish religion. I had a lot of fun.

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