The Red Fort in Agra


On our third day in India we visited the Red Fort in Agra. The various buildings within this sprawling fort complex represent the assimilation of different cultures, which was the mark of the Mughal period. Akbar was the third Mughal emperor and. He was crowned the Mughal ruler in 1556 at the age of 14, when his father Humayan died suddenly. Akbar began the construction of this massive fort made of red sandstone on the banks of the Yamuna in 1565. The fort was ready by 1571, though additions were made up until the rule of Shahjahan, who was Akbar’s grandson. It mainly served a military purpose, but also served as a palace and court.


Walking through the different eras of residency in the fort was preceded by both anticipation infused with the longing to linger in the moment. While learning about the carvings and patterns in the walls, the ceilings, the floors, our group of quilters saw familiar quilt patterns as well as inspiration for new fabrics and quilt tops.



After arriving at the outer edge, we saw the Taj Mahal through the smokey fog in the distance.


In another room, when someone committed a crime and went before the emperor for sentencing, an elephant was called three times from the corner. If the elephant did not come and trample him, the person was considered meant to live and set free.


On our way out we saw a family of monkeys climbing the tower. They has the best view of anyone!



30 thoughts on “The Red Fort in Agra

  1. The Red Fort is so beautiful. I really like your last picture of the monkeys climbing the Red Fort. After you described all the rooms in the Red Fort I have to get to India to see it in person.

  2. @Amanda I sure hope you do come to India one day. It is my favorite place in the world. The people are so friendly, so colorful, and so kind.

  3. Those monkeys are so CUTE!!! What type of monkey are they? P.S. My little brother is a monkey fanatic.

  4. It sounds to me that the Red Fort is an amazing work of architecture! I would really like to visit India in person. So jealous right now…..

  5. The Red Fort looks awesome! I really want to go there sometime. It looks like a cool place. The history is really cool, and it sounds like it was fun to be there.

  6. That’s really cool that you saw monkeys in person. It’s not like that here in the US!

  7. This fort is really cool Mrs. Donnelly! I like how it is made of of red sandstone. It is very unique and very cool. I also really like how the monkeys are climbing up the fort.

  8. You described the history of the red fort, what it is, and the rooms in it really well. The pictures of the red fort are so beautiful. I really liked the first picture and the pictures of the monkeys. I hope I can go to India and see the red fort someday.

  9. I really love the detailed pictures you took. It really captured the moment. I think that the picture of the monkeys are adorable. I really want to go to India now.

  10. I think the method they used for sentencing is horrifying yet fascinating. Did they give the elephant bait?

  11. That sounds so cool! I would love to be there! The Red Fort looks so cool! It’s really amazing to think that they had better long lasting materials than we do today.

  12. I love the part about the monkeys I love monkeys so much and I love how they are working together to climb the tower

  13. The Red Fort is really pretty. It must have been cool to see the monkeys climbing the tower. I would love to go to India. I hope you are having a wonderful time.

  14. I love your pictures. They are so beautiful! My favorite pictures is the one with the monkeys. It sounds like you are having a great time in India!

  15. Everything looks so beautiful there! I love all the detailed designs on all the buildings. I think it is really neat that you visit India so much!

  16. Looking at all of the pictures about India on your blog, I realize that India is really a beautiful place! I hope to go there someday.

  17. Your pictures are amazing! I love to one at the top of the whole Red Fort. I can’t believe that the Red Fort has been around so long. I think it’s so cool that you get to go and expirence that. I would love to visit India one day too!

  18. I really liked the colors that they used on the columns. I think it’s amazing how some animals are free there while here they can only be found at a zoo.

  19. I love the picture of the monkeys. How often do you see monkeys all connected climbing a wall?

  20. That is so beautiful! I wish I could go to India someday. Those monkeys are really cute! I can’t believe you went so close to them!

  21. I loved the picture of the monkeys climbing the tower! The way they used the rope to pull themselves up in a Congo line reminded me of old cartoons of thieves using ropes to get to the roof a building. It’s amazing how those monkeys seem to have a mind of their own!

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