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  1. 21amandat at |

    The Red Fort is so beautiful. I really like your last picture of the monkeys climbing the Red Fort. After you described all the rooms in the Red Fort I have to get to India to see it in person.

  2. 21colem at |

    Those monkeys are so CUTE!!! What type of monkey are they? P.S. My little brother is a monkey fanatic.

  3. Jackson at |

    It sounds to me that the Red Fort is an amazing work of architecture! I would really like to visit India in person. So jealous right now…..

  4. 21jackp at |

    The Red Fort looks awesome! I really want to go there sometime. It looks like a cool place. The history is really cool, and it sounds like it was fun to be there.

  5. 21alexp at |

    That’s really cool that you saw monkeys in person. It’s not like that here in the US!

  6. 21blakes at |

    This fort is really cool Mrs. Donnelly! I like how it is made of of red sandstone. It is very unique and very cool. I also really like how the monkeys are climbing up the fort.

  7. 21sierrab at |

    You described the history of the red fort, what it is, and the rooms in it really well. The pictures of the red fort are so beautiful. I really liked the first picture and the pictures of the monkeys. I hope I can go to India and see the red fort someday.

  8. 21jacksonb at |

    I really like that fort Mrs. Donnelly.

  9. 21rachelu at |

    I really love the detailed pictures you took. It really captured the moment. I think that the picture of the monkeys are adorable. I really want to go to India now.

  10. 21jacksonb at |

    I liked the video of you driving three the street.

  11. 21chrisb at |

    I think the method they used for sentencing is horrifying yet fascinating. Did they give the elephant bait?

  12. Brent Randleman at |

    I love the colors of Diwali they are so cool and neon

  13. 21olivieroz at |

    That sounds so cool! I would love to be there! The Red Fort looks so cool! It’s really amazing to think that they had better long lasting materials than we do today.

  14. 21gavinz at |

    I wish I could go. Red Fort looks awesome.

  15. Brent Randleman at |

    I love the part about the monkeys I love monkeys so much and I love how they are working together to climb the tower

  16. 21tobyh at |

    The Red Fort is really pretty. It must have been cool to see the monkeys climbing the tower. I would love to go to India. I hope you are having a wonderful time.

  17. 21helenew at |

    I love your pictures. They are so beautiful! My favorite pictures is the one with the monkeys. It sounds like you are having a great time in India!

  18. 21nikw at |

    That us so cool. Do you know why the Red Fort of Agra is red though?

  19. 21jadens at |

    Everything looks so beautiful there! I love all the detailed designs on all the buildings. I think it is really neat that you visit India so much!

  20. 21johnp at |

    I would love to visit the Red Fort. Those monkeys are cool.

  21. 21sarahj at |

    Looking at all of the pictures about India on your blog, I realize that India is really a beautiful place! I hope to go there someday.

  22. 21colbyp at |

    Do you know what type of monkeys they were? My favorite monkey is… I have no idea.

  23. Lillian at |

    Your pictures are amazing! I love to one at the top of the whole Red Fort. I can’t believe that the Red Fort has been around so long. I think it’s so cool that you get to go and expirence that. I would love to visit India one day too!

  24. 21helenh at |

    I really liked the colors that they used on the columns. I think it’s amazing how some animals are free there while here they can only be found at a zoo.

  25. 21elizabethk at |

    I love the picture of the monkeys. How often do you see monkeys all connected climbing a wall?

  26. 21lilyg at |

    That is so beautiful! I wish I could go to India someday. Those monkeys are really cute! I can’t believe you went so close to them!

  27. 21quinns at |

    I loved the picture of the monkeys climbing the tower! The way they used the rope to pull themselves up in a Congo line reminded me of old cartoons of thieves using ropes to get to the roof a building. It’s amazing how those monkeys seem to have a mind of their own!

  28. 21karsenk at |

    Those monkeys! It was really cool how they climb!

  29. 21johnd at |

    What was your favorite place that you went to in India?

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