Paper Making Factory in Jaipur

IMG_7496 paper making gift bags

Women folding gift bags in paper factory in Jaipur, India

The next time you wander in a craft store to buy glittered paper, or when you go to the store to buy a gift bag, think about where it may have come from. I know I assumed most of it was made by machine in a factory. Yes, there are machines in the factory we visited in Jaipur, however, there were also many people doing the work by hand. If you have ever made your own paper, you will find the following photos familiar.

DSC_2064 paper factory Jaipur

DSC_2018 paper factory Jaipur

DSC_2020 paper factory Jaipur

DSC_2022 paper factory Jaipur

DSC_2025 paper factory Jaipur

DSC_2029 paper factory Jaipur

DSC_2046 paper factory Jaipur

Paper was put through a press

DSC_2048 paper factory Jaipur

There were many beautiful colors

DSC_2038 paper factory Jaipur

Women separated the paper by hand

IMG_7481 Paper making glue Jaipur

Paper was put in a press and then glue was added using a template

IMG_7488 paper making 2

The paper was handed to a woman sitting on the floor where she put the glitter on one end and then pulled it up…

DSC_2056 paper factory Jaipur

It is now shimmering!

DSC_2052 paper factory Jaipur

So is she!

DSC_2057 paper factory Jaipur gift bags

We also got to see the paper being folded in to gift bags and then glued and pressed. See the video below:

Gift Bag Making Jaipur India from Patti Donnelly on Vimeo.

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  1. How interesting to see how an everyday item is made with such care. It looks like you had an amazing trip!

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