I Love India!

DSC_1374 Bike Rickshaw Jaipur

If you read my ‘What I Notice’ post, you are aware of the delight I take in seeing hearts all around me. I do not go looking for them, they find me. It is a reminder to be present and be conscious of what is right in front of me at any given moment. There were many hearts and much love in India, so I will share a few with you.


Cows are sacred in India. As the sun rises, the local cows go from house to house and are given the first bread of the day. This cow in Jaipur walked by our hotel each morning.

DSC_1129 Jain Temple

Jainism is an Indian religion that values nonviolence towards all living beings as well as spiritual interdependence and equality between all forms of life.  The three main principles of Jainism are Ahimsa (Non-Violence), Anekantvad (Non-Absolutism) and Aparigraha (Non-Possessiveness). People who follow the Jain religion have a strict diet where they will not eat anything that harms animals. Some will not eat root vegetables because small animals may be hurt while harvesting. They are also careful not to step on any insects. This heart was outside the Jain temple in Jaipur.

DSC_1745 Fence outside Flower & Veg market Jaipur

Do you see it in the barbed wire outside the flower and vegetable market in Jaipur?

DSC_2390 Helipad

DSC_1175 Jaipur Hand Railing

DSC_3243 camel knee heart last day

IMG_7797 Puja at Pushkar Lake

We participated in Puja at Pushkar Lake.Puja is a prayer ritual performed by Hindus to honor and worship deities or to spiritually celebrate an event. We put our rose petals in the holy water of the lake near the end of the ceremony.

DSC_2843 woman smoking Pushkar heart necklace

DSC_2842 woman in Pushkar heart necklace

Finally, I found this woman captivating. I wish I could have asked her the story behind her heart. There is so much to love about India!

8 thoughts on “I Love India!

  1. Mrs.D, those pictures are beautiful. I finally really appreciated hearts after meeting you. I really like how you notice hearts and photograph it. Great post!

  2. @Rachel I’m so glad you like the photographs. If you see a heart, please send me the picture!

  3. Mrs. Donnelly, I really found your trip to India interesting because I had a different perspective of what the country was like. I also really like your photography!

  4. @Alex That makes me so happy! What did you learn from my posts or pictures that stands out to you?

  5. Mrs. Donnelly, I think you are great at photographing. India is really beautiful and some day hope I will visit India!

  6. @Lily Thank you so much for you kind words. I wish I could have walked around more in some places to explore and photograph. I really hope you will go to all kinds of places in the coming years. Hopefully India will be one of them!

  7. India is my favorite place in the world. I went in second grade, in college, and again with my mom a few years ago. My mom went to high school in India. I have several posts if you’d like to read them. Just search ‘India’ and you should find them all. Where would you like to travel?

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