Poses and Prose Club

Photo by Patti Donnelly


Clubs in middle school are a chance to do something you are curious about, passionate about or if you just want to do something different than your core classes. They vary from basketball/square dancing club to robotics or a sports casting club. In the past, I’ve co-led groups in a Makers Space, Coding, and a Go Girl Club. This year we are doing Poses and Prose Club.

We begin our time setting an intention and yesterday we talked about I AM statements to begin our day. At night, some of us write in a journal of some sort. We used Yoga With Adriene for our Sun Salutations.

Following our Sun Salutations, we each chose something we were drawn to that afternoon. Some read books, some returned to a collaborative writing project, and others worked on a list for our next club. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

Do you have a pose or a routine you can share with us?


4 thoughts on “Poses and Prose Club

  1. This year I am doing Capture the Flag with Ms. Williams. I loved Poses and Prose because we got to do yoga and read. I needed that at the end of a busy day. Which club would you like to see in the spring?

  2. My mom used to make me and my sister do sun salutations to every night to help us calm down, but I kind of went crazy and annoyed everyone with a song that I made made up.

  3. I want to hear it! I love doing Sun Salutations. We should do it in class. Will you help me lead?

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