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  1. PJ at |

    Dear Mrs.Donlley class,
    I did the same magic carpet did you get both of them the small one and the big one.
    PJ http://25perryj.edublogs.org/

  2. 25mayap at |

    Mrs. Donnelly,
    I liked this post a lot. Good use of the word “emerge.” Great job completing the smaller carpet!
    -Maya 💜💟🐶

  3. 26jacobb at |

    Hi Mrs. Donnelly our advisory did not get it this year and I hope we were not the only ones. How did this start?

  4. 26nancyr at |

    I like the pictures you took of just the students shoes!

  5. 26canay at |

    Good job! Congratulations on completing both carpets. What strategy did you use?

  6. 26catherineh at |

    This challenge is so fun and challenging! It’s great for teamwork and communication. Good job to everyone who completed it. My team almost got it!

  7. 26brookeb at |

    How long did it take to do the small magic carpet?

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