Giver Memory by:Aishwarya J

If I could give Jonas a memory I would give him the memory of the desert. I think that it will be a good experience because it is big and he would have maybe have heard of some of the animals in the desert. He would also have a humid experience but he could bring a sled and sled down the hills in the desert. Cartier-Bresson+on+Impermanence

My Giver Assignment by Aishwarya

If I was given a assignment I would be a Nurturer. I would love that to be my job because all day I can play with the baby, and feed the baby. I think I will be good at this job because I can help any baby and also I love babies and would be ready to spend the whole day with them. In the end you will feel happy that you took care of that baby and helped it grow up. tiny+foot                                                         


Spring Break by Aishwarya

Usually on Spring Break we go somewhere but this time we didn’t so I got to stay at home. The best part of spring break was I got to make fun of my brother having school when I didn’t watch TV  and also do a lot of fun things such as play soccer with my little brother,  play tennis with my coach and play on my playground. The worst thing was that I had to go to the doctors and get a  shot. My hand was numb for the whole day and I couldn’t do anything. But other than that it was just a normal week it was just that I got to relax a lot.



My Favorite Game by Aishwarya

My family and I love to play Jenga. We play it because it is fun to see who knocks over the blocks.  It is also fun to see people in my family try to get one of the blocks from the tower.  Well we roll the dice and our dice shows a color we have to get the same block color.   It is so much fun when somebody knocks over the block because then we laugh at them.



If I Were An Adult…..

If I wake up in the morning and I am a adult I would want to get the best car in the world and with my friends we will drive and drive until we get to California. Since we only have one day we would do whatever we can in california. Like go into designer shops and get some clothes. I would go to the Coach store and get a fabulous handbag for myself.  Then we would go to some more stores and we go to Chanel and get a bunch of shoes.  It is getting to  be the end of the day so we drive to a expensive restaurant and then we drive back home and we had so much fun!



My Favorite Sport by Aishwarya

My favorite sport is tennis. When I was four or five my dad called me to watch the US Open with him.  I said okay so we watched it and I loved it.  Then when I was seven we went to Hilton Head Island and for Christmas. I got a tennis racket.  Then the next day I asked my dad if we could go play tennis and he said okay.  The first time I played it I could barely hit a ball but then I got better and better.  Then when we came back from Hilton Head Island my dad put me in tennis lessons. I started to become a better tennis player. Now this is why tennis is my favorite sport. Tennis Player






Sathya Sai Baba

Sai Baba God

This year the worst thing happened, our god died.  He was very precious to our family because we all believe in god and we have gone and seen him.   I was so sad I had started crying because my parents knew that he had gone through a lot of trouble and it was really painful because he was the only god that you could go to in India and he would bless you. This god is very special. One time my dad got really sick and I prayed really hard.  The next day I went and took out a book and I had always looked at the book everyday but that day I saw a picture in my book.  So I opened to the page and it was a picture of him. I was so happy that I went and told my grandma. She told me that he had blessed me . From that day on I figured that god can really bless you.In 2012 I look forward to still remembering how he changed people’s life and I will always remember him.