iPad Styluses–The Bamboo Stylus by Alex G

There were three styluses that I got to try out for the iPad. There was the Amazon one, the Bamboo one and the Cosmonaut. The Cosmonaut was way too big and the Amazon one just didn’t feel right. I like the Bamboo one for sure. I am using the bamboo one right now to write. It is small and easy to carry around. I have a small hand so it helps to have a small pen. It is also heavier than the Amazon one, making it easier to handle. I also like the size of the tip. It is smaller and can be more precise when drawing something detailed and when pressing smaller keys and buttons. It also has a nice clip that can hook to the case, your shirt, or a bag. I also just like the name, the Bamboo stylus. I hope to get it!

iPad Reminders App by Alex G

One of the apps I use on the iPad most often the Reminders app. I use that as my planner and to write my homework down on for that day in each class. I also use it to remember things coming up whether it is a quiz on Friday, project due in a week or a family trip coming up over the weekend. I also have a folder with reminders about things to remember maybe that day or afternoon instead of an upcoming thing that is a longer distance of time away like a writing assignment in a week. It may be to work on a science project some more after school or to dog sit next door. I also have an out of school folder simply for things not in school. This is the app I use most often and is one of the most helpful to me.


The Giver Memories by Alex G

The Giver is able to give people feelings and memories of the past. If I were able to give someone in the utopian society a memory I have, it would be the feeling of playing and cuddling with animals. In the said to be utopian world, they do no know what an animal is. That is why I would give them the feeling of playing with animals, specifically, a cat. Playing with animals relieves my stress and makes me happy. The people in the utopian world need that stress reliever and have a little small time to relax and play.




The Giver by Alex

We are reading the Giver in class. It is said to be a utopian world when I think it it the OPPOSITE of a utopian world. For instance, nobody knows what an animal is. My utopian world would be almost all animals (other than humans) and nature everywhere. In the Giver though, I would hate almost all of the jobs. I may be a Landscape Worker to be near a bit of nature. If The Giver is a utopian world. I hope that the world is never a utopian one.

The NC Nature News–Alex G


So, I am part of the Donnelly Dynamic Dialogue and have now made my own website/blog about my own passion, nature. Some of the pictures on this blog are on it too. Just paste or type this in the URL: www.ncnaturenews.wordpress.com  and the website will come up. Please comment on it as much as you do on the Donnelly Dynamic Dialogue. If you like nature, animals, and/or photography, check it out. If you don’t like nature, animals and/ or photography, still check it out and it may make you like those kinds of things. I hope you like it!



How Yahtzee Connects With My Life By Alex G

How Yahtzee connects to my life is you have to quickly make decisions. Once you’ve made the first decision, it leads to more decisions. The second decision will sometimes tell you if you regret making your previous decision. You then have to go with what you chose and continue trying to make decisions. In the end, you’ll realize you made great decisions ending up with many points or a life or you made bad decisions and you learn from your mistakes.

What I’m Reading-Operation Redwood Alex G

The current book I’m reading is Operation Redwood. All the books I read are either a non-fiction book about animals or nature or a fiction book about animals and nature so this book fits my style of reading.


Redwood picture from Flickrcc

It’s about a kid named Julian from San Francisco who came across an e-mail saying that his uncle who he hates is going to cut an ancient redwood growth. The one who sent the message was named Robin who is his age, about 12 and lives next to the growth. He then secretly goes to her house to save the growth but is caught by his aunt and uncle and is under “solitary confinement” at his aunt and uncle’s house (that he is living at because his mom is in China). Once he was out of “solitary confinement”, he went to live with his grandmother instead. Danny, Julian’s friend writes a note to Robin’s parents saying he should let him come back. Then Julian and Danny get to go back to Robin’s house and try and save the big tree growth.

This is where I am in the book and can’t wait to finish it.

The End of 2011by Alex G

2011 is now ending and I was thinking about what stood out in the year. Well I love animals and have a lot of pets so when I get a new one, it’s very exiting. This year I got 2 kittens. I already had a cat who was very solitary and didn’t like to be pet. It is now nice to have 3 cats and 2 of them affectionate. The two kittens were constantly annoying and harassing the older one so she started biting her tail because of stress. This led to a torn up tail and blood everywhere. She then had to get her tail amputated and had to wear a cone on her head for a couple weeks which she also hated. She is now out of the cone and the rest of the tail (she still has which is a few inches) is growing its fur back. She is now swiching back and forth between my bedroom and my parents bedroom. She’ll soon have to get used to the kittens and she’ll be able to freely roam the house without Sylvester and EJ (the kittens) literally on her tail all day. This may be when Sylvester and EJ are adult cats and are less wild.

You can see all three of the cats in my Photography: Cats post

Here’s Polka Dot

Photography: Beach by Alex G

Here are my favorite beach pictures. (They’re also just some of my all time favorites). I was taking multiple shots of the walkway, and in one of the pictures a bird just so happened to land on it in a perfect pose. The crab also had some very nice poses but he was very shy too. I also think the beach house was a cool one because the sunset was just beside it and made the house a perfect pitch of black. Enjoy!

Photos by Alex G

These are some of my best pictures yet . . . I hope to get

even better ones!!

Photography: Cats by Alex G

This is my second photography post. I found all of my pictures of cats and thought to put them on next. I realized I had 2 whole folders with all cats so I just picked a few.Here’s one of my kittens

This is another one of my cats, Sylvester Here’s my third and oldest cat sticking out her tongue. (lucky shot)