Picture with a Dolphin by Annie N


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I was in Florida with my family and we went to the Miami Seacuarium to see the whale show. I got soaked because I walked up to the area where the whale jumped up because I was really hot that day. After the show was over I saw a man yelling “Swimming and pictures with Dolphins!” over and over again. I asked my mom if I could swim with one since I have always wanted to so we asked how long would the swimming be and he said 30 minutes so it wasn’t worth it so we took a picture instead. We where waiting in line and you could see the dolphins jump out of the water on to a little wet and slippery platform. It was finally our turn. The man said that the dolphins name was Indigo. He jumped out of the water and right in front of us. He felt hard, rubbery, wet, and cold. ” Smile” and it was over. I wish I could go to that day again.

Stylus By Annie N

I used all of the styli and the one I found I liked the most was the Amazon Basics for the iPad because it is the lightest one and I think it works well for typing and drawing on Penultimate and Paperport Notes. The second one I liked was the Bamboo because it isn’t as light as the Amazon Basics but isn’t as heavy as Cosmonaut. The last one was the Cosmonaut. I didn’t like this one as much because it was a little hard to grip on to it because it is so big and heavy.


Apps By Annie N

The apps I use everyday are Sketchbook Express, iHeart Radio, Media by Age, Pandora, Flashcards (where it looks like it is a pile of indexcards), Evernote, and Show me. I use Sketchbook Express for my planner. I use iHeart Radio and Pandora to listen to music. I also use Media by Age to find the ratings of movies and what they are about. Flashcards and Show me is where I study my vocabulary words. I use Evernote a lot because if I have to print a picture for class from the iPad I can’t so I put the picture into Evernote and log on by computer and print it. These are my favorite apps for the iPad


Memory From The Giver By Annie N.

The memory I would give Jonas is the mountains. You can see animals and sometimes you can see snow. The mountains are covered with snow or sometimes leaves. In the mountains it is cold and cloudy. Sometimes it is sunny but mostly it is just cloudy. The mountains are interesting because you can’t experience it every day and for me it is sometimes relaxing.


My Life as a Game By Annie N

Sorry Board Game

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If my life where a game it would be “Sorry.” We go all around the neighborhood and try to see who gets in the house first. Sometimes we also race to the trampoline to see who gets on since we are only allowed to have three people at a time on it because we don’t have a net. We also race to see who gets to the X-box or the PS3 the fastest so we can play together in zombies. If you think about it the house, trampoline, X-box, and PS3 are home and we are the game pieces trying to get in our Safe houses the fastest.

One Day as an Adult Annie N

One day I woke up and I was an adult. I was in Miami, Florida and “the King of Miami ” Pitbull lived right next door to me on Star Island. My house had a private swimming pool, recording studio, wave pool, fashion studio with a stage, a lot of money, a concert arena, and a private mall only available to me and the people I know. I had  five Pomeranians running around my house and 2 hamsters in a cage. I would own a silver Lamborghini, a red Ferrari, and a black Corvette. I would go to South Beach almost everyday and for breakfast I would eat Cuban Bread. That is what I would do if I was a grown up.

South Beach

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Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Annie N

Busch Gardens Christmas Town

Busch Gardens

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I went to Christmas Town with my family. Some of them couldn’t make it that day so they went the day afterward. Other than that it was really fun with fake snow and rides still open. I went with my friend and the first thing we got was hot chocolate. We went to Germany and went on one ride where you sit down and the seats move. After that we went to Italy to eat some food and watch a show. I ate chicken parmesan and pasta with a snowman cupcake for desert. Once we ate we went on other rides like the boat ride and some other rides. The last thing we did was make it to New France, saw the penguins and meet a dancing polar bear. We asked him if he knew how to do the dougie he didn’t say anything and started dancing. The park was closing now and we had to meet our family so we meet them at a McDonalds near by and headed home.

Happy Late Holidays Annie N

Happy Late Holidays

I had a super fun time. Getting up at 11 every morning. Spending time with my family. Christmas morning breakfast. Opening presents. Playing with friends but there was one more thing I almost forgot about doing. Asking you how was your holiday? Did you spend time with your family? What did you and your family do over the holiday? Did you go out of town, go on a cruise or just stay at home? I know I went out of town for not that long but I wonder what you guys did.

Christmas Decoration

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What About 2011? By Annie

What about 2011? Well a lot of things like wars, deaths of bad people and good people, Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and soldiers comming home. All of that is important but we also have good things and bad things happening around the world that no one knows about. We watched a video in Language Arts about all of the things in 2011 and I only knew about 2/3 of what was happening so I wanted to take the time and write about it.


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Today in Language Arts by Annie

Today I had to make up one quiz. After I was done with the quiz I had about 20 minutes left so I decided to make up another quiz that I was going to take during recess. After all the quizzes we had to finish a worksheet and at the bottom it said… Extra Credit: Write down a proverb that you’ve heard before in your family and what it means. So I wrote down, “Kill two birds with one stone” and that is exactly what I did today.

Two Birds

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