Giver Memory by Cat M.

If I could give Jonas any memory, I would give him the memory of the ocean. I think that it would be very interesting to have never before experienced being in something as big as an ocean, with creatures that he might not recognize. I’m not sure if Jonas has already had this experience though.

My Giver Assignment by Cat M.

If I was given an assignment in The Giver, I think that it would be an Instructor. I think that I would be a good Instructor because I could help the kids that didn’t understand certain concepts, or work through it with them. I would like to do this because I am good with kids, and good at explaining things in ways that most people understand. It would be fun to have new classes each year and see them progress and move on in their lives with assignments of their own! I would either like to be this or a Nurturer because these roles can be very similar in some ways.

Apollo 13 by: Forbes, Audrey, and Cat

Today in class we watched the movie Apollo 13. The reason why we watched this was because we were reading Cosmic, and Cosmic relates to space traveling. There were some differences and some similarities. The similarities were the way that they got back to earth. They also both went to space in a rocket, and as we quote…. “Every mission has a glitch.” Another similarity is that there was only one person who vomited on each mission. Now we are going to explain some of the differences between the two missions. The biggest difference is that on Apollo there were three adults, and on Cosmic there were five children on the rocket. The Cosmic people denied all knowledge of the mission, while Apollo 13 is a very famous mission. The last difference is that Apollo 13’s crew were trained astronauts, but Cosmic  was a controlled rocket meaning the children did not have to control the flight. Personally, we preferred Apollo 13, but both were just LOVELY!

Rocket launching into the sky

From Flickr CC

Pretty Little Liars Series by Cat M.

Over spring break I started to read the Pretty Little Liars series. They are all about five best friends in seventh grade whose lives are great until one dreadful sleepover. In the morning they wake to find that one of their friends, Ali, has vanished. They report it to the police and one year later find Ali’s body in a hole behind Ali’s old house. The girls start getting mysterious texts and emails from someone who goes by  “A”. These threatening messages all have to do with secrets that only Ali knew. But who could be doing this? Through the series you learn more about the night of Ali’s disappearance and clues that unfold the many hidden secrets in Rosewood.

The Princess Diaries by Cat M.

Right now the book that I am reading is the Princess Diaries. It’s about a teenage girl who lives in New York city with her mom because her dad and her mom never married. She hears from her dad after he gets cancer and can no longer have kids that she is the heir to the throne of a country in Europe called Genovia. It’s all about her learning how to be a princess and the responsibilities that she now has.

My Favorite Game

My favorite game to play is Temple Run on my iPhone. It’s really fun because you have to pay attention and not look away because you always have to jump and swerve different obstacles as you go. It’s super addicting because you get new high scores and earn more coins every time you play. It’s really exciting to buy more power ups as you go to help you run faster, run through things, and attract coins. My friends and I love to see who can get the highest score.

I Woke Up And….

If I woke up as an adult the first thing that I would do would be get out of my college dorm and go find my friends. We go straight to the car dealership and I pick out the nicest Mercedes that I could find. The leather seats feel so good that I can’t help but get a little sleepy. No time for that though, I only have a day. We drive and drive and drive up to New York city until we can’t possibly drive anymore. What do we do now they all ask. “Everything!” I respond. It’s straight to the museums, parks, and big name stores. With our incredible dresses and outfits in hand we go back to our hotel. The plush carpet immediately soothes my feet after walking all day, but I’m not done yet. We get all dressed up and in less than an hour and a half we’re in a taxi on our way to one of the best restaurants in the world. After we stuff ourselves full we head back to the hotel. We’re a lot slower getting dressed because of the amazingly rich food we have just devoured. We go to the club and dance until we can’t stand up anymore. The best day of my life for sure!







2011 Royal Wedding By Cat M

In 2011 we had many important things happen all over the world. One thing that really stood out to people was the Royal Wedding. This wedding was so important because not only was it royal but for the first time since 1464 for a common person to marry into the royal family. This is of big importance since it hasn’t happened in such a long time. Prince William and Kate Middleton married on April 29th. Millions of people from all over the world tuned in to see the wedding held in West Minister Abbey. This is just one of the many incredibly important things that happened in 2011.

Share Your Christmas By Cat M.

In our advisories this year we are doing Share Your Christmas. It is a organization where you can donate toys and money to children in foster homes. It’s a really good organization and I would like to encourage anyone who would like to to donate whatever you would like to all charities. There are charities in every city and it would be really nice for people to help others out these holidays. Happy Holidays!!

Being Thankful by Cat M.

Once I was at school and talking with one of my teachers. She was telling me about kids that she used to teach in a public school who had close to nothing. There was one girl who’s entire family lived in a one room apartment and all five kids slept on one mattress. They ate beans for dinner straight out of the pot with their hands. They didn’t have a working toilet either. There was another girl who lived with her grandmother and couldn’t afford clothes, so had to wear her grandmother’s skirt and a t shirt which both were too big for her. To keep her skirt up she would tie a piece of straw around her waist. My teacher was very kind with this girl and felt that she should help her so she gave clothes to the girl that fit her. This year I am thankful for having a nice home and being able to live in a safe environment without having to worry about where my next meal’s going to come from. I hope that this post will inspire people to help others out and not take for granted the things that they have. Happy Thanksgiving!