Jonas’s Memory Post By: Davis C

In The Giver by Lois Lowry we are at the part where Jonas is getting taught by the old Receiver who is now The Giver, he can give memories to Jonas. My post today is about what post I think that the Giver should have given Jonas. I think that he should have given him a memory of him looking out into the mountains on a cool day before sunset. That’s what I would do if I were to give a memory to someone.

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The Giver Assignment: Davis C

In our class in L.A. we are reading The Giver, it is a really good book. Our job today was to make a post on the blog about if we were in the book, what would you job be? I would want my job to be a soldier, because I want to go to the Marine Corps when I grow up, but if they haven’t got a soldier job I would probably want to be a doctor.

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Apollo 13: Davis C

This whole week in L.A class we watched Apollo 13, it was a good movie about the space trip to the moon, well not really. They had tons of problems on their trip in which they had to survive in. The movie was adventurous and a suspenseful movie. I did feel bad for the man that could not go on the shuttle and I felt worse that he died before he was going to go to congress.  I would recommend it to anyone except there are some bad words in there, but I don’t think you shouldn’t watch this just because of that.

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Baseball Season Davis C

I play a baseball league. It is called South Durham. I play in the highest age group and the best one. The year before I made all stars which is when you go to different tournaments and eventually you may be able to go to Williamsport, PA. Which is on T.V. My goal this year is to not lose a single game and it is also to make all stars again. I play with a guy in our grade names Benson E, and I play against Ian L and Drew H. Photo from

Connection to Life By: Davis C

In class we were told to make a connection to a board game. I think the connection to me and Life is that Life is how you really live a life. Like you can go to college, you can make a family, and also buy a house. Which is what I hopefully do. So that is why I think that’s how me and Life have a connection.

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If I Were An adult… By: Davis C

If I were an adult I would be playing on the pro circuit for tennis. I would be playing in Miami winning money and matches. I would have a house in the mountains of North Carolina and have a beach house to go to in California. I would have my drivers license and be driving to my matches and everywhere. I would have enough money to donate one million dollars a year to charity. I would host charity events and go to events. That’s what I would do if I were an adult for one day.

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2011: A Year in Review By: Davis C

This year has been a HUGE year, that doesn’t mean that it has had it’s downs too. Like with the tenth year of 9/11, or with the floods in Japan and Brazil, and with the death of Steve Jobs along with a ton of  amazing people. The thing I think I will remember is with the death of Osama Bin Laden because he was a horrible man to Americans, so this was a huge deal. The think I will look forward to is seeing if my Great Great Great Aunt will turn 100! I think she will but I don’t know. So I hope you all have a happy holidays and happy new year!









Tennis by Davis C.

If there is one thing about me that people don’t know, it is that I play tennis at a high standard. has ranked me as the 466th best in the nation for sixth graders. I’ll tell you about how you can get there. First, one thing you need to know is that there are tournaments every weekend at almost every city in every state. There are in-state rankings, sectional-rankings, and national-rankings. In North Carolina there are 5 different levels: L5, L4, L3, L2, and L1 the people get harder in the lower levels. The farther you go in the tournaments, the more points you get= the better rank you earn. Thanks for reading!

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I’m in the pilot: Davis C

Using this laptop is a decent idea. I have been using this computer to the minimum. This is due to the Macbook Pro which I own which makes it hard for me to use a computer four years older than the one I own. This idea with the pilot has a flaw. One is that many other students have another laptop and a newer computer so it is hard for them to use a 4 year old laptop. Also, a lot of kids don’t have an iPad so it would be more effective in my opinion to get an iPad for the students because most kids don’t use it yet. This would make it more fun and more kids shall enjoy it.


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