The iPad Stylus by Haley C

Today in LA we tried out three different styluses for the iPad. There was the Bamboo, Amazon Basics, and the Cosmonaut. The Bamboo is a thin but kind of heavy stylus. The Amazon Basics is another thin but lighter one. The Cosmonaut is a thick and a little bit heavy. My favorite out of all of them was the Amazon Basics because it’s thin, light, easy to hold, and easy to store.


iPad App by Haley C

I think we should keep TED on the iPad. The reason is it’s really fun to use if you’re bored. It just has a lot of cool videos to watch. It is kind of like the news, but maybe a little more interesting. It shows a lot of people’s worldwide ideas, and it’s really cool.

My Favorite Game by Haley C.

My favorite games to play with my family are Monopoly and Scrabble. I haven’t actually played these in a while, because my family has been so busy, but I still really enjoy to play boardgames. I like other games like Life, Connect 4, Jenga, Sorry, chess, and Pick Up Sticks. They’re all really fun to play. 

If I Woke Up As An Adult by Haley C

If I woke up as an adult I would be living in a big apartment on the Upper East Side of New York City. My kids will go to private schools and get a good education and get into Ivy League Schools. I would have graduated from Yale University, majoring in journalism. My husband would be on the board of many major companies and go to meetings all day, while I planned future parties and things like that. We would eat at famous restaurants and go on fun vacations in Paris during the summer and go to Aspen in the winter. We would be a happy family.

Things From 2011 by Haley C.

Things that I will remember from 2011 is the tsunami that happened in Japan. It was really sad and tragic, and a hard time to get through. Most people thought about giving up, thinking they would never get through it but they did! So that is a good and a bad situation. Another thing that I will remember is the death of Osama Bin Laden. It is sad that we celebrated in someone’s death, but he didn’t really deserve our mourning. Also, I will remember Steve Jobs’ death. He made a lot of changes in the world. Alot of important things happened this year, and I bet many more things will happen in 2012. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2012!


Photo from Morgue File

My Science Project: The Tiger by Haley C

For my project in science, I am studying the tiger. I did the tiger because I love how pretty and graceful they are, and I have always wanted to know facts about them. It’s easy to find facts about them because they are so interesting. And in the encyclopedias, there is always a big section on them. At first, all I knew about the tiger was that they are the largest in the cat family, that they were usually reddish-orange, and that they had black stripes. But now I know how they live, how old they can live to be, what they like to eat, and if they’re friendly to one another or if they’re not. I am very happy I chose the tiger for my animal report.


Photo from Flickrcc