Westing Game Favorite Character By Mariana R

My favorite Westing Game character is Turtle Wexler because she is funny and she is smart. Her mother doesn’t really pay attention to her much so she goes and stays with other people like Baba/Flora Baumach and her sister Angela Wexler. In the end of the book she is the one that wins the game and she is the one that stays with Sam Westing/Barney Northrup/Sandy McSouthers/Julian R. Eastman for the last minutes of his life.

iPad Project By Mariana R and Aishwarya J



Aiswharya and I did a project about skitch. We had to do a lot of videos to make it perfect. Whenever we messed up we would always  laugh. The best part was when we finally got the video perfect. It was fun working together.  When one of us made a mistake we would help each other make it better. We had some problems the first time with Photo Booth when we tried to up load it to Voicethread. We recorded our video outside so it turned out that you couldn’t see our faces that well. We made a script to help us as we went through the recording.

Apollo 13 By Mariana R and Aishwarya J

The movie Apollo 13 is about a crew that goes up into space to walk on the moon. While they are checking all the equipment (while they are in space) and then one of the oxygen tanks exploded and damaged half of the module. That made them have a bunch of problems which leads them to not being able to land on the moon. They have to go around the moon to go back to Earth. They have to brake away from the command  module by turning off all the computers and they loose most of the power. When they are close enough to Earth they turn their computers back on to help them get back safely to Earth. Then when they were supposed to land into the ocean they landed 2 minutes late. They had no communication what so ever while they were coming into Earth. People on Earth were holding their breaths waiting for then to land in the ocean. The families were really worried. Then finally they landed and they were safe. The tragic event has made us learn important things and how to improve our trips to the moon.


The moon

The moon


Spring Break By Mariana R

What I did for spring break was that I went to Bogota, Colombia where I was born and where most of my family lives. I went because my dad had to go to a conference and we wanted to go visit my family. It was fun. The first day I was there we went to eat dinner and then my aunt, uncle and cousin came to the apartment that we rented to hang out. The second day we went to my grandparent’s farm and we had a mini family reunion. We stayed that night at the farm house. The third day we went to the pool and then we drove back to the apartment that we were staying at. The fourth day we just chilled in the apartment to relax and have visitors. Everyday we kept on doing things with the family but most of them had work and school so we would have to meet at night. Then the day we were supposed to come back our plane got canceled while we were on it because of failure of the motor that would not turn on. So then we had to leave the next day which was Monday. We finally got home at 1:30 am on Tuesday. That was what I did during my spring break.




This is a very good Colombian soup that I ate.

For Spring Break I Am… By Mariana R

For spring break I am going to Bogota, Colombia. I am going for two reasons : 1) My dad has a conference and he doesn’t want to go alone 2) I was born there and all my family on my mom’s side lives there. I cannot wait to see my family that I haven’t seen in forever. I will be posting some things that I either did that day or that if from Bogota.

Jenga By Mariana R

The game that could most represent my life would be Jenga because if you take too many things away from it if all falls apart. Every time that it all falls down someone has to rebuild it and then play again. Instead of me playing with many people I play by myself so that if it all falls down I have to rebuild it up all by myself again. By making mistakes or taking things away from my life I am taking wooden blocks away from the game. If I make a huge mistake it is like taking the whole bottom out of the game.

If I Woke Up An Adult by Mariana R

If I woke up an adult one day I would have already had 3 children, two girls and one boy. I would let them do whatever they wanted that day and then I would go hang out with my friends. Then I would go to teach the dance group that my mom passed down to me named Takiri. After that I would be with my children and do what ever they wanted to do. Then I would go home watch TV. After that I would wait for my husband to come home to start making diner. When my husband came home we would all sit together as a family and talk about our days and then I would clean the table and talk with my husband while my kids played or watched TV or did what ever. After that we would all watch a movie together and have popcorn. Then we would get ready for bed and then I would fall asleep and that would be the end of my day as an adult.


Me dancing.

Me dancing.

WisdomTales By Mariana R

In Language Arts we did a human slide show. Mrs.Donnelly broke us up into groups of five. Every group went off on their own and got to choose a Wisdom Tale to act out. My group choose The Tigers Whisker from Korea. In the act I was the wife of the soldier who came home and wouldn’t talk or do anything. In the Wisdom Tale the wife goes to a wise man and he tells her that she has to befriend a tiger and cut off his whisker for him to make a love potion for her husband to fall back in love with her. She befriends the tiger by being patient and feeding the tiger meat everyday. One day the tiger falls asleep on her lap and she is able to get the whisker. She runs to the wise mans house and gave him the whisker. He throws the whisker in the fire he says that she needs to have patience to gain her husband’s love back.

It was really fun working with my group and we have a couple of laughs about it.

The Lion's Whisker Wisdom Tale

The Lion's Whisker