How Trivial Pursuit Is My Studying Life By Marta

I think of Trivial Pursuit as my study life because you learn so much that helps you in your present school year and beyond. You also learn in every subject, such as history, science, and the progress of actors and movie-making, as well as geography. Every time you play it, you learn a cookie-jarfull of cookies, full of knowledge. And, the more you play, the more you know, and it is not all that complicated or hard! And, it does not take so much time to play it. This game, Trivial Pursuit, has advanced my brain, seedling by seedling, with basic facts.

What I Would Do If I Woke Up A Grown Up by Marta

If I was a grown up, I would immediately go apply for a driving license. After I get my driving license, I would go to a movers department and search for a house in Pontevedra, Spain. I would then open up a restaurant, right on the balcony of the cathedral, right in the main plaza, and name it, ” La Estrella de Espana” (English Translation: The Star of Spain). It would become so famous, that the high society of the modern world would visit. I would be head chef and be world famous. I would leave it to my daughter (or son), and train them when they are teenagers giving them the restaurant. My grandma, who lives next door, would visit every week because we will have a HUGE menu. Even if I don’t wake up like this, this will be my goal when I grow up. New inspiration: Bar and Restaurant Design Concepts by New Inspiration Home Design

New Years Eve By Marta

2012 fireworks

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New Years Eve

New Years Eve,

A magical scene,

With family, friends, and joy.

Wishes handed out,

and no one can pout,

on this wonderful magical Eve.

All stay up ’till twelve,

pets and children as well,

to celebrate this time.

With adventures to unfold,

and a new year to control,

who could be sad now?

Well, we shall remember those gone,

and those who have died in a fight.

 We all shall be silent in memory of them,

Young and old, rich and poor.

A minute ’till twelve!

Everybody is swell

and sitting down at their seats.

Adults are eager,

with glasses a merry,

and children are ready,

with their souls wide open

for an wonderful 2012!!

My Opinion of 2011 By Marta

I think 2011 was a spectacular year, but many disasters have also occurred, like the death of Steve Jobs, the Euro crisis in Greece, and more. Many great things have happened as well, like the Royal Wedding, and the military coming home from Iraq. I think this year has been a………..beautiful one. It has had beautiful happenings, but also bad ones, which causes me not to name 2011 a perfect year. Osama Bin Laden has died, and Barack Obama has remembered him, and so will we! Let us all try to enjoy this last month of the beautiful 2011

Laptops vs. iPad Which one is better? by Marta


The privileges of each one is endless. Laptop: easier typing, better Internet,etc. iPad: 10-hour battery, touch screen, games, apps, etc. The battle is endless. What are the specific privileges and powers of each?

iPads                                                          MacBooks

  • 10-hour battery.                     Easier to Type
  • Lighter.                                     Better internet.
  • Faster to turn on.                    Easier to keep documents.
  • Smaller to handle.                  Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.
  • Touch screen.                           Bigger screen
  • Educational Applications.     Websites more available
  • New York Times app.              Newspapers easier to read, due to bigger screen.
As I said, the battle may be endless.

My Thanksgiving by Marta

I spent a Thanksgiving like no other in my life. I went with my family on a trip to Charlottesville and we visited the home of Thomas Jefferson. During this trip I had an opportunity to think about the things I am thankful for. Family and friends are at the top of the list as they help go through and enjoy it on a daily basis.  I feel very privileged to live the way I do at home and at school (this certainly includes the chance of using laptops as part of my learning experiences) and I consider myself very lucky to be around such inspiring people. Learning about Jefferson’s times made me even more aware of how privileged I am, and how thankful we all should be.

Readers/Writers Workshop


boy writing



In my opinion, readers/writers workshop is an excellent idea. It gives students the chance to show their talent in writing, and other students a chance to read their favorite books. I, Marta, am a witness of this great phenomenon, writers workshop. Before I started the workshop, my imagination did not expand very well, but then, after I began it, my imagination was like filling every millimeter of the Earth! I personally think everyone in my class and everyone helping us with the Pilot should thank their teacher! BRAVO!!

Laptops by Marta


A Laptop

Taking care of a laptop can be a big responsibility. You are responsible for keeping it clean, charged, and safe. It is a good cause to at least try to teach 6th graders about the incredible digital world, and the responsibility, and privileges that surround it. I personally think it is a great idea for teachers to allow children of the middle school to learn about the tech universe. This Pilot is, in my opinion, a great and educational, experiment and project.