Penultimate By: Moshe

There is an app called Penultimate on my iPad. It allows you to take notes in a notebook. You can buy different kinds of paper to put in your notebook like music paper and game papers like tic-tac-toe. You can draw and write with a pen tool. You can also clear the page and erase. If you make a mistake you can also undo and redo. You can cut, copy, and move writing using the scissors. Penultimate also allows you to write in different colors and pen sizes. Penultimate allows you to delete, duplicate, and reorder pages. If you want to share your notebook you can email one page or all the pages.

Giver Memory By: Moshe

The memory that I would give is the first Christmas I got presents. There was love everywhere and I was happy. I never wanted Christmas to end. I would come running down the stairs to see if any presents were for me. Christmas is also my favorite holiday. That is why I would give him the memory of Christmas.


My Ipad by Moshe


I like using the ipad. It has different apps that I can use. I use an app called iStudiez Pro. This app allows me to write down my homework and tells me when my classes are. What I don’t like about the iPad is that I can’t change the font on Google Docs. Google Docs allows me type something and share with my teacher online. Also on the iPad I can’t do keyboard shortcuts. The good thing about the iPad is that it is lightweight and small. I can also put my paper homework on it so I don’t lose it. I also want to get the new iPad because it has more memory so the teachers can also put textbooks on the iPad.

Game I Like to Play by: Moshe I.


EA sports

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One of my favorite video game is Madden. It is a football game that lets you play as different teams and play against people. You can make your own franchise, have a superstar, or just play against someone. The game also allows you to play people online. If you play online it is harder to win than if you play someone close to you. A new Madden comes out every year so the teams and players are always up to date. Also the new versions are updated so the game is more like real life.

Mythical Creatures by Moshe



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If you read a lot of fantasy books you will realize that there are a lot of mythical creatures like dragons, fairies, minotaurs, and dryads. Some are good that do things like give you advice or wishes. Some are deadly, there is one creature that if you look it straight in the eye you die instantly. I like dragons because they are powerful and I like tree guards because they come to life and capture anyone going in the forest. Griffons look like an eagle and a lion combined. Mythical creatures are fun to learn about and they are great in fantasy books.

It’s Christmas But Why is There Santa by Moshe



santa claus

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Christmas is my favorite holiday of all. You get presents, have fun, and you also get off of school. Bad things happen too; people steal gifts that are on the front porch that have been mailed. I love Christmas but why do we have Santa Claus. Who made him up and why? Is it even possible to cover the entire world in one night with flying reindeer? Why do you leave him cookies and milk on Christmas Eve when he is supposed to give you presents? Why is he fat? Is it because of the cookies and milk from every kid on earth? Why does he wear a red coat, does he have anything else? How does he know if your good or bad, does he have elves that stalk you? These are questions that I have that are about Santa Claus because we know nothing about him.

What to write by Moshe




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I sit in front of the computer and then my mind goes blank. I wonder what I should write about but nothing comes to mind. I feel like this every time I have to write. Knowing what to write and how you are going to write it is hard. I like reading but I hate writing, it is too complicated for me. When blogging you have to make sure what you write is interesting so people read it. You have to make sure it is appropriate because you can never take it off the internet. You also have to cite everything because you could get sued. The hardest part of blogging is that you have to go there everyday and keep adding blog post or no one will read it.

Year Review by Moshe I.




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In class we were talking about what happened in the year. Different people remembered different things. Here is what I remembered. I remembered the last shuttle launch of NASA, the royal wedding, Osama Bin Laden being killed, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and the U.S. troops coming home from Iraq. What I look forward to is the war in Afghanistan ending because it has gone on for to long. I also want the world to come out of this depression because it is affecting everybody.

Decision Making by Moshe I.

Woman with travel books

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In Language Arts we talked about decision making and here are some questions I had. How many decisions do you make in a day? Some decisions you don’t even think about. What makes you buy a video game.? Should kids be allowed to use computers in school? Should we unblock Youtube at school? Why do you watch TV? Why do you work? What makes you go to school? What job do you want when you grow up? Think of all the decisions you make in a day. Do I sleep or stay awake in school? Should I take out the trash or wait until someone tells me to? We make a lot of decisions so make sure they are good.

First Blog Post By: Moshe




The book Inheritance is a great book. It is the last book in the Eragon series. It is about a peasant boy named Eragon that finds a dragon egg. He and the Dragon which he names Shaphira became best friends and they set off to find the people who destroyed their village. They find this group called the Varden who want to get rid of the king called Galbotorix. Eragon joins the Varden and with the help of all the races they manage to kill the king. After winning the war, Eragon and Saphira try to restore the riders. It is a good book but you should read Eragon, Eldest, then Brisingr in order to understand Inheritance.