2011 Review By Sam D

2011 Review

                 This is my review on 2011. I am going to tell you about one thing that happened in 2011. My topic is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a very good man that changed our world today. He started out dropping out of school and working with his friend  his own garage. Their first invention was called the Apple 1. And his great inventions carried on until now. Steve made a big impact on my life by making computer using easier and instead of the computer doing what it wants, it does what you want. Steve Jobs has made us feel like technology feel like we can treat it as your best friends.

The Noob Story Part One by Sam D

The N00b

Once upon a time there was a sad little n00b who had no friends. His name was Stanley Goodman. He liked to play World of Warcraft every day after school until it was time to do his homework (3:00-5:00). After doing his homework he would play his game until 7:30 and then go to bed. When he woke up in the morning he would check to see if he had forgotten to do any of his homework for school, pack his backpack up, get in the backseat of his mom’s car, and go off to school.

My First Blog Post By Sam D.

My First Blog Post

This is my first blog post. This is a post about the book I’m reading in LA. I am reading the book Crocodile Tears by Anthony Horowitz. It the second to last book in the Alex Rider series. I’ve already read the last book in the series so I kind of know what the conclusion is. Somehow I got mixed up. I haven’t gotten too far into it at all. The main character hasn’t done anything very interesting yet. (only on page 41)