Brain By Anna W.


In Language Arts we made a brain with everything that goes on in our brain and the best parts of this year. My favorite part of sixth grade was Camp Cheerio. When I left camp Cheerio in the summer I didn’t have to think that I wouldn’t be coming back for a year. I only had to wait a month! I enjoyed spending time with my friends and trying new adventures.

Sixth grade was really fun and I want to leave for summer, although, I don’t want to go to seventh grade. Everyone says seventh grade is the hardest grade in middle school. I am definitely not excited for exams. The two things I am excited for are the Washington, D.C. Trip and school sports! I have so many memories from sixth grade to remember.

iPads by Anna W.





Now that the year is over, I feel different about the iPads. I have enjoyed them and it was fun experimenting with them. Although, I didn’t expect it to be just like it was. I thought we were going to not have textbooks and have less to carry. We still had the same amount of stuff to carry plus the iPad. We mainly used our iPads in Language Arts, science, and Spanish. We have used them for projects, homework, and quizzes.

Recently we have been using our iPads in science to take Nearpod quizzes. I think this is a good way to see if we did our homework or not. In other subjects we have also been doing a lot of projects on our iPads lately.

I think they have been a great experience. Although, I hope to have more binders and textbooks on our iPad!


Membean by Anna W.






This year in language arts, we started a new program called Membean. It focuses on vocabulary. You learn the root words, vocabulary words, and the spelling of words. There are many different ways of learning the vocabulary words. For example, word constellations, pictures, multiple choice, and more! I have enjoyed Membean a lot this year because you get your own set of words and learn new ones often! I think this has been a great experience for everyone because it is a different way of learning! I can’t wait to continue Membean next year in seventh grade.


First Memory by Anna W.

Picture made by me

In The Giver the first memory given to Jonas was snow. If I were to give a first memory to someone it would be vacation. I would do this so their first memory would be a good one! The memory would start with flying in a plane to reach the destination. I wold make the destination be Hawaii! The vacation would be for a week and it would be filled with family fun and activities. One memorable activity would be snorkeling. Another reason why I would give this memory away first is to let the Receiver in training experience an environment much different from the environment he or she lives in!


The Ideal Teacher by Anna W.









In Language Arts we are still reading The Giver. In this story there is an ideal society. I know that if I were to describe an ideal teacher it would be quite different.

An ideal teacher to me, would be a teacher who is involved with the students and their work. For example, they actually stand up in front of the class and describe things thoroughly, help their students, and make learning fun. I have some teachers who do what I mentioned and some that don’t. I prefer classes where the teacher is understanding and helpful. An ideal teacher would be strict about certain things to keep us on task. Although, they would not start yelling or lecturing us. I especially don’t like it when teachers do that! I like it when they explain what we are doing wrong and stay calm. That makes me actually want to do what they say.

A teacher that is involved with their students and their work is easier to be around. I can trust them and feel more comfortable with getting help or. I really enjoy when teachers make learning into a game. For example, in language arts we played jeopardy to study for a test. We also acted vocabulary words out to study for another test. I definitely think my ideal teacher is great!


Community Service by Anna W.

Photo by Bella

For community service, our advisory went strawberry picking. We took the strawberries to the Ronald McDonald house too! This was one of the best community services I have done yet!

First, we went to burgers for lunch. That was just for our pleasure. Next, we went to a strawberry field where each of us picked at least one tray of strawberries. We got into pairs and scattered throughout the rows of strawberries and filled up our trays. The farm where we were at has some really cute dogs that we played with after we picked the strawberries. We weighed the strawberries and payed for them. Now we were headed to the Ronald McDonald house to deliver them!

When we got to the Ronald McDonald house, we set all the berries into the kitchen so the people staying there could have a little snack! After that, a women gave us a tour of the house and showed us a video. While we were on the tour we saw a little boy. He was very cute especially when he showed us his dance! He started break dancing to a Michael Jackson song! We all loved him and his moves. That was definitely my favorite part of the day!

As we left the house we saw some families already enjoying the fresh strawberries we picked! This was on great experience and I loved seeing the kids at the Ronald McDonald house so happy! I can’t wait until the next community service!


Job Assignment by Anna W.






Photo by Anna

In language arts we are reading The Giver. At age twelve kids in The Giver get their job assignments. If I were to be assigned a job I would like it to be a baker. This is because in my free time I enjoy baking new things and sharing them with my family. I love seeing their faces when they try the baked goods I make. I would like to be known for my baking just like my mom is known for her cheese! I enjoy baking very much because it is like a puzzle. It is like a puzzle because you are putting all the ingredients together like puzzle pieces. Also, my family says I’m a sweet tooth! It makes sense that I love to bake because I am a picky eater and don’t like certain things that are in many main courses. For example, I won’t eat anything with onions in it! Baking inspires me to try new foods and be creative with the process. I would definitely hope baking would be my assigned job in the community!

The Westing Game By Anna W.

This year in language arts we read the book, The Westing Game. Ellen Raskin is the author of this story. This is a mystery novel. It was a confusing book but incredibly fun to read. I always felt comfortable reading this because it was not a scary or frightening mystery. It was a cozy mystery! A cozy mystery is set in a small village, has aristocratic family, and has a murder without gory details. I seemed to always be into it because each chapter would leave you with a feeling of suspense.

After we read The Westing Game, we had a test. The test was open note. To prepare for the test I worked very hard on my trading cards. Trading cards is and app on our iPads where you make a card and chose what it is about. For example, all my cards were about fictional characters. In the card you can insert a picture or drawing and there are boxes for all the different information. The reason I spent such a long time on my trading cards was because they were the only notes we could use on the test. Other than that, I studied about the author and some types of mysteries.

For extra credit, you could dress up as one of the characters from the book. I dressed up as Sydelle Pulaski. It was fun seeing all my friends dressed up and how creative they were! The second extra credit was to memorize part of the song America the Beautiful. There is a reason why it was this song and not just any random song. If you read the book you will find out why!

I learned a lot from this experience. The book was challenging to understand at some points and there were so many details that you needed to pay attention to. I also learned that it is a good idea to work on your notes as you go through the book and not wait until the night before the test. I worked on my notes throughout the whole time and it was super helpful at the end. Although, it was still very challenging to find the stuff I had forgotten to take note of. This was a challenging but educational experience!

Hero Books by Anna W.

For a couple weeks our 6th grade Language Arts class worked on hero books. Each student picked a hero then wrote a story about him or her. The writing was definitely the hardest part because there was a lot of planning, organizing, and brainstorming. In my opinion the art was the best part. I looked forward to working on my hero book each day.

Peg Gignoux is an artist who did our hero books with us. She taught us how to do many new things like stamping designs. I loved picking the colors and designs I wanted to use because it was almost like shopping.

We each got to pick a scene that our hero book would show. My scene was a farm with my mother and me riding horses. It was very colorful and creative. There is a part that pops out on the books, and it is supposed to be from where the viewer is looking. My pop out was a wooden fence. Later we glued our covers and writing on. The books were pressed under wooden boards to flatten them. Finally, they were taken to the Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

There was a reception at the Frank Gallery where all of the families could come and see the books. I came with my hero, which is my mom. She absolutely loved it! I had a good time looking at all of my friend’s books too!

I am proud of how my hero’s book turned out! I feel like I learned a lot from this experience! I hope we do another project like this!

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Lady or Tiger? By Anna W.

He felt a warm drop of sweat drip down his face. His heart was pounding like a drum beat. All he could smell was the scent of a dirty zoo cage. The room was full of silence. Every time he closed his eyes he imagined what was behind each door. Thoughts coming from every direction put him in lots of stress. He was thinking what he had been signaled before, to choose the door on the right side.

As thoughts were taking over his whole mind he slowly started walking toward the door on the right side. Just as he set the hot and wet palm of his hand on the doorknob it slid right off. That could have been a sign telling him that this was the wrong door.

He stood there anxiously. He tried to look under the door but the crack was way too small. His head was throbbing deeply. He felt as if the world was falling. He tried to savor the last moments of his life. He suddenly was hit with this one saying that his mother told him a while ago. it was to treat each day like it is the last day of your life.

He tiptoed to the left door and within one blink he yanked the door open. Right in front of him stood… nothing. He was shocked to see nothing in his panorama. All that was inside of that door was an empty room with a broken wooden chair.

He walked into the room suspiciously and picked up the chair. Just as he picked it up a piece of thin, old looking paper soared through the air then hit the ground. He picked it up and it said in large faded letters, “Right.” That was a very puzzling word to him. It was hard to tell if it was saying that this is the right room or if the room on the right side had the princess in it.

There was nobody in this room so there was only one more place to go, the door on the right side. He walked out of the room and heard the crowd going wild. He decided he was going to have to go into the door on the right.

He walked to the door and slowly turned the handle. Thinking the princess would be standing right there, again there was nothing in the room. This time there wasn’t a chair either. He walked in and there was a door. A small black door. He could hear a very quiet breathing through the door. He wondered if it was the tiger or the princess.

Hoping it was the princess, he crawled into the door. All he could see was pitch black. It almost didn’t seem real! He could smell a fragrant flower scent. He kept crawling until he saw a small light in the distance. As he got closer and closer he could heAr the breathing getting louder and louder. He finally got to the light and standing right at his eyes was a gorgeous princess with long silky, brown hair. She was wearing a beautiful, green and pink gown. Her name was Millie.

Millie took him by his hand, and they walked on a long path to a large castle with a landscape full of purple and red flowers. It felt like a sunny spring day and they could hear birds chirping everywhere. From what he could see he was already in love with Millie. They arrived in the castle and lived a long, fulfilled life.

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