Community Service by Charlie

sweet potato gleaning

Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

We went a spud pickin’. It was pretty fun, and not too hard also. It was a good, easy, yet challenging task that requires teamwork for the best outcome. I am in fact surprised that we actually have not done this before in Scouts, but we would probably end up eating the spuds we picked. Of course. Will K and I, working together, picked over 400 pounds of potatoes. Overall, it was pretty fun pickin’ da spuds. What did you think it was like, and if you didn’t do it, what did you do? Answer in the comments section below!

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“Maze Runner” by Charlie

Hey guys, It’s Charlie. I’m just going to do a quick review of “Maze Runner” for my first post.

He awakes in a dark room. His name is Thomas? Yes, it has to be, but he can’t remember anything. Suddenly the doors open and Thomas is delivered to a place called the Glade,  with with boys called Gladers, people who were delivered by the exact same root. For over 2 years, new Gladers have been delivered each month. But outside the glade the maze stands ominously tall. The maze at night is filled with egregious creatures called Grievers. Together with friends, Thomas explores the maze with questions. But then A new Glader comes, signaling the closing of the glade. It’s now or never to escape this horrible place. Will they make it, or will they all be devoured by Grievers?!?!?!? Find out by reading “Maze Runner” by James Dashner!

Photo from Morguefile