Gleaning by Kira S.

Photo from Mrs. Donnelly
For my community service I went gleaning for sweet potatoes. My advisory and four other advisories went to a field with a lot of sweet potatoes. The organization that we were picking the potatoes for was the Society of St. Andrew. We spent about and hour and 30 minutes out in the field picking and picking and picking. The time went by very fast! I felt very good about picking potatoes because I knew I was doing something for someone else in need. Although some people might not have thought it was the ideal thing they wanted to do, I think everyone felt good about themselves and had fun while doing it! I know I had a great time! I think everyone did awesome!

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iPad by Kira S.

This year we have added a new a addition  to the middle school learning system. The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders have all added the iPad to the daily learning system. I enjoy using my iPad, although in some subjects it is much easier to just write out notes. The reminders app is a good app to use to record homework or if  you have an event you need to be reminded of. Most all middle schoolers  are using Evernote. Evernote is a good way to keep notes and a good way for teachers to share notes with their students.


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Camp Cheerio by Kira S.

This year the sixth grade went to Camp Cheerio. Camp Cheerio had a lot  of fun activities. The first day at Camp Cheerio my advisory (Johnson) and the Bryson advisory went on a 4 1/2 mile hike! Before we went on the hike we had lunch and then we headed to the place where we were going to hike. When we were done with the long hike we drove back to Camp Cheerio. During the day we had two different activities, we would either have to do canoeing, zip-lining/ mudslide, hiking, rock climbing, vertical play pen or archery. At night one group would do dancing in the gym and another group would have a camp fire and tell scary stories. Dancing in the gym was a lot of fun! After we finished our night time activities the whole sixth grade went into Dinning Hall and had a snack. The rest of Camp Cheerio was also a lot a fun! I had a great time at Camp Cheerio!!

Group of Girls

Photo by Mrs. Williams