Talk To Your Teen Neil


In the book Cosmic, a kid is pretending to be a dad. He uses this book called Talk To Your Teen, to seek advice. If I were to add a few ideas to the book they would be to make sure that your child is eating his fruits, vegetables and chores are very important work. I have more chores than a lot of my friends. When I have to mow the yard and rake the leaves, it takes a lot of hard work. Every time I do these things I become more disciplined and ready to work hard as a grown up. I think grown ups should pay their kids to do work because it will help them in the future.

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If I Were a Grown Up For A Day by Neil






If I were a grown up for a day I would travel to see the Great Wonders. I would visit the Eiffel Tower in France and look at Paris from above, or travel to the Great Wall, walk through the landscape, the mountains, the desert. Maybe try something new and learn to skydive or surf. With my family, we would go to Disney World, ride the thrill rides, and try to get past the boring ones for my kids. We would stay in the vice-presidential room just because our room wasn’t ready on time. For the one day when I could do anything, I would seize the day from morning to night and then rest the entire next day.

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Peter and the Sword of Mercy By Neil






Peter and the Sword of Mercy is the last book in the Peter and the Starcatchers series. This is a great book, with a lot of adventure. You can’t expect anything that will happen. Every page I turn I’m surprised by something.

If you like an adventure novel definitely start this series. Each book builds on one another. And this last book takes place 20 years after the other three books. Which is an odd twist to keep the series going.

In the first book that starts the series, pirates board Peter’s ship. The pirates search for a hidden treasure on the ship. Molly and Peter have to keep it safe. Then soon a problem arises that would change Peter’s life forever.

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My Wisdom Tale Story Neil M


The Slacker

Two students went to a great high school. One was a born scholar, John. School work was very easy for him. In all his subjects he succeeded. In the fall of his senior year he applied early decision to Harvard and was accepted. The other student, Fred, didn’t find school work easy in any way. Only doing his best in everything was he able to slip by. He also applied early decision to Harvard and he too was accepted.

John wondered how his friend Fred had gotten accepted, so he asked Fred.

“How did you get accepted to Harvard?”

“I don’t know, maybe they saw my great personality and noticed my work ethic,” responded Fred.

“Maybe, but I bet that by the end of the year you will be rejected when they realize that you are not a good student,” boasted John, knowing how easy school was for him, and that he wouldn’t be rejected.

Fred still tried his best for the rest of the school year and kept his grades high. He was not rejected from Harvard. On the other hand John stopped trying at the end of the year. Not caring about school anymore he started to “party” and relax. He let his grades drop in the last month of school.

Harvard did not want someone to come to their school that wouldn’t finish a year off right. So, Harvard didn’t allow him to come. Even though he was very smart.

Moral: Finish Strong

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My Wisdom The Slacker Neil M








Creating this Wisdom Tale was easier than expected. After reading so many in LA Class there were already ideas circling in my head. Also things going on in my life led from one thing to another and all of a sudden my idea was created. I’m glad that my story had a different moral than most because that’s what makes mine different from others.

This moral isn’t only different, it’s also in my opinion very important and applies to many things. For example in most sports, it’s hard to do well without finishing strong, but it can apply to school too. Or when writing, finish paragraphs and ending a story or essay.

There are many morals that could be used and many that haven’t been put into words. Some are very abstract and some are more literal. After reading the Wisdom Tales in LA the possible choices for a Wisdom Tale is extremely long. Please enjoy my Wisdom Tale and learn!

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The Red and Blue Coat Neil M

This is my comic I made based on the Wisdom Tale, The Blue and Red Coat. The illustrations were all made on Sketchbook pro on the iPad, then transferred to the computer and put together using Comic Life. The comic was a project for LA. Overall, I liked this project a lot, it was fun to draw the pictures. The creativity was endless. I could change the size of each comic strip box, rotate, and make more. Change the font color and size. Add speech bubbles of any type, exclamation, regular, anger, thought, and imagination. I’m looking forward to posting my own Wisdom Tale on the blog too.

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Wisdom Tales My Opinion by Neil


To prepare for the wisdom tales test I wrote down all the similar morals, writing parts of stories into my Evernote as to have everything in one note. I put two words in bold in each wisdom tale for a quick refresher on the meaning of the story, which helped for the essays that compared two wisdom tales. Practicing wise, I read through every story multiple times to prepare. Also I memorized types of stories.

I do like taking open note quizzes/tests because I take good notes and usually expect what will be on it. So nothing really takes me by surprise. Most teachers tell what’s going to be on it so as long as you understand the material and have the necessary items they’re not that hard.

Having the iPads makes open note quizzes and tests much easier. There are many resources available to help you understand and find the information for the questions. Also, it’s easier to keep things neat and in one place. After taking the test I honestly think I couldn’t have prepared better.

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Pink Panther Song Neil M

I recorded the Pink panther song on the piano. Below I inserted the recording of it, on VoiceThread, using the iPad. This particular piece was the hardest I had ever played, taking me over three weeks to master. My piano teacher helped me to break it down and lead me to success. On the day I recorded the song, I had just had a piano lesson. Even though I thought I was ready, playing a three page song with no mistakes is difficult. Especially when I know that one mistake and I would have to restart from the beginning. After about 40 previous mess-ups, I reached the end on a perfect run. This song really challenged my piano skill. Please enjoy! This song took a lot of effort to play. Maybe the only reason I was able to perfect it was because I saw my friend in Pennsylvania played it when he was nine. So I thought, “If he could do it, then I certainly could too.”

I Am Thankful For the iPads Neil M







The iPads that the Durham Academy middle school received are a real privilege to have. Everyone in the school takes advantage of the tools that are available. Evernote is very easy to use and is my favorite app on our iPads. Keeping me organized with my notes, it is easy to find homework assignments that I forgot to write down. The iPads open up new activities to do in class and new kinds of projects. Recently in my LA class we used the iPads to make Keynote presentations. I hope Durham Academy will add to the iPad experience, and that my classmates will take advantage of this opportunity as much as I have.

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Piano Neil M

I’m learning the Pink Panther theme song now on the piano! I have almost mastered the song. It’s the hardest piece I have ever had. And it’s not a simplified version. Once I finish it, I’m going to record it and put it on the blog.




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