Dragonland chapter 3 by Matthew

Here is the third chapter in Dragonland. I hope you enjoy it!

​Chapter 3

​Finding Mark

Good! Ian, you’re awake. Sorry I blasted you with water. We have to go find Mark. “I’m injured forever,” he complained. “You are not…” I said, “you will heal quickly”. “How?” he asked. I explained that water might injure him, but he will heal just as fast.

​As we set off, I heard some distant screaming. I figured it was Simon screaming that Mark was injured but I wasn’t sure. I ran to his house.

​”OF COURSE I AM IT’S MARK THAT’S NOT OKAY!!!” he screamed back.

​Simon explained to me how Mark was thrown off of a cliff.

​”Is he okay?” I asked. Then I realized how stupid I sounded. Of course he was not okay. Well, at the time no but he would heal. Then I sensed something. Mark just landed in the water. “Okay guys Ian and I are going to jump off this cliff and Mark will bring us back up it. You ready Ian?

​”Let’s go!” he replied. We jumped. The fall took forever. I finally sensed we were getting close. I looked down. Bad move! I landed face first onto the water. Mark was so startled he almost pelted me. Ian had landed ten times better than I did.

​”Come on!” Mark said.

​”I’ll stay here guys. I’ll heal before I come up.” I said.

​”You sure?” asked Mark.

​”I CAN TUNNEL!!!” I screamed. Ian and Mark started climbing.

 •      •      •

​An hour later I decided to climb up the tower. I made it up in five minutes. The whole group was worried. Even Robert and Eric were there.

​”Where were you?” Ian asked.

​”Just for once Ian! You know where I was!!!” I said angrily.

​​”Oh yeah!” he replied.

​if there had only been another dinosaur around… Mark would be gone forever.

Wicked The Musical By Marta B.C.

On Sunday, May 27, the last day they were showing it, I went to see Wicked with my mom. In this play, Glinda, the Good Witch, explains to everyone how she knew Elphaba, the Witch of the West, and how they met in college, and how they became friends. As friends, they were together when they were introduced to the Wizard of Oz. They both found out that the Wizard was a fraud, and that he wanted to use Elphaba’s magic for wicked purposes. Elphaba did not want the Wizard to use her magic for evil deeds, so she ran away, while Glinda stayed with him, because she did not believe he was all that bad, and because she was ambitious and wanted to be famous. After Elphaba escaped, the Wizard spread a lie that she was wicked, and ordered everyone to try to capture her. Meanwhile, Fiyero, Glinda’s boyfriend, starts to develop more feelings for Elphaba. That causes problems for him, because the Wizard’s guards put on a pole to die. Elphaba is heartbroken, and turns him into a scarecrow with her magic to make sure he does not die, or feel pain. At the same time, the Wizard is getting tired of not being able to find Elphaba. Glinda then gives him an idea to hurt Elphaba’s sister, NessaRose, to attract Elphaba. They create a tornado, which makes a house fall on NessaRose, killing her. The house in the tornado also contained Dorothy, a girl from another world. Elphaba makes Dorothy her prisoner. At the end of the performance, Glinda tells Elphaba to release Dorothy, and she agrees. When Dorothy is released, she throws a bucket of water (prepared by Elphaba itself)  onto Elphaba, because there was a general belief that water could melt Elphaba. The truth is, Elphaba meant for all of it to happen, so that the world would think she was dead, even Glinda. But the truth was that she hid in a hole, and left Oz with Fiyero, now a scarecrow, after he picked her up, and they both lived happily ever after.  This wonderful performance shows that The Wicked Witch of the West was never wicked at all!


Wicked is wicked!

Vocab World Chapter 7… Wheel of Bankruptcy by Matthew

​Chapter 7

Wheel of Bankruptcy

​As Thursday rolled around, the Wheel of Fortune match was on. I was going to compete against a taciturn young girl named Makenzie, and a lugubrious man named Leland. On my way to the podium I was pinioned to the wheel so I couldn’t get up. That gave me a small nodule on my forehead. But I didn’t realize it until I was prostrate from passing out. I picked myself up and went to my spot. That sure was soporific!
​The first spin was complete maelstrom. The rest of them were really calm though. Then suddenly Leland spun the million dollar award. He let it oscillate in a tantalizing way. On the last play I went bankrupt. I left completely saturnine. I failed.

Chapter 6 in Vocab World by Matthew

Hello guys! I’m sorry for the wait on chapter 5, but it is out there now! Today I have chapter 6 ready. The next chapter will be really good.


NOTICE!!! There is only one more week of vocab left so I will not be posting that for my story. Once I have ten comments on what words I should use for the next chapter I will write and post. If you do give a word, Thank you so much for contributing to my story! If I don’t use it in the next chapter, it will be in a chapter, so don’t worry!

Chapter 6

Snowi, Simwin, or Snow?

        Sorry for messing up last chapter, but I think you will enjoy this one. The people I am going to talk about are Snow, “I COME FIRST!!!” yelled Simwin. “Thanks for interrupting me Simwin. By the way, Simwin is as bizzare as an alien. “NO I AM NOT YOU _____” yelled Simwin. “I don’t think I would like you to say that last word.” I replied. Simwin stormed off to his room. He does that sometimes. Anyways, Snowi hates the snow. “NO I DO NOT!” He yelled. “Neither does Snow. “Get your mind right for once May!” yelled Snow. “Oh, wait, I can say as much bad stuff about Simwin!” I whispered. “STOP!” Snowi yelled. “Do you guys know how to laugh or not? I thought you tried to do it every day! I mean, week!” Simwin never has sent a billet-doux in his life. He is planning on it though. I’m not sure to who, Hark could tell you. Anyways, His cuisine is very ambrosial, for he really likes the Greek gods. Snowi likes celestial food so thats what he calls it and Simwin gets really mad. Simwin is really sad all the time because our parents died in the holocaust. I get sort-of sad too because now I take over the family because I’m thirteen. Good thing Simwin can cook or else we would be bankrupt. Snow can jump, then gyrate with halcyonly. “WHERE’S MY GAUNTLET!” yelled Snow. Snow has this amphibious gauntlet that he likes. “IT’S IN THE CLOSET” I yelled back. “MATTHEW! GOOD NEWS!!! YOU’RE GOING TO BE ON WHEEL OF FORTUNE THIS THURSDAY!” yelled Mark. I checked my watch. It was Tuesday.

iPad Styluses by Matthew


In class today we tried out the iPad styluses. We tried the Bamboo, the Amazon Basics, and the Cosmonaut. I liked the Bamboo the best because it felt more like a pencil. I didn’t like the Amazon Basics because the flap kept bugging my work. I liked the Cosmonaut because it was good for drawing but it was too big to write with. That is why I liked the Bamboo the best.


Which Stylus By: Leah G.

Personally I liked the Bamboo stylus the best, then the Amazon Basic, lastly the Cosmonaut. I like the Bamboo because the tip is the smallest and it is light. I tried using them in Penultimate and they were all great but with the Bamboo stylus I could draw the most detailed. The thing that I don’t like about all of the styluses is that they will be hard to carry around. This is why I like the Stylus Pen Kuel H10 Series the best. My tutor has it and I ask to use it everyday. I usually can’t because I get so excited and play with it. That is because I only have 45 minutes to use it though. I like it because it goes into the headphone socket and it does not fall out. So you can carry around your iPad and the pen will stay securely in the headphone jack. Also the tip is very small making it easy to write, it can extend and shrink, and it is lighter that a pencil. This is why I like the Stylus Pen Kuel H10 Series more than the ones that we were given to try.


Me Job Chapters 13 & 14

Let’s hope this gets finished in the next 9 1/2 days of school!
Chapter Unlucky 13Simultaneously Mom and I were sprinting to the nearest police station. (In stadium) We quickly told the guy what had happened and he seemed pretty surprised that it had happened. “A story like this one doesn’t happen everyday you know.” We had to contact someone higher up in the police. We were never going to find Rian. When the police got to us we were taken through downtown Chicago to the police headquarters. They questioned me a lot. Some of the questions were like, Why were you there? and Who may have done this?, but the question that they got the most information out of, (it was a boatload of info that they got and it was very, very helpful) was Have you been in contact with anyone suspicious lately?

I let it all out, the pizza guy, Travie, and my call to Rian’s iPhone, which happened to have an app about how to find it, you know, the track my iPhone things. I told the men that.  My mom was contacting Rian’s parents, telling them what had happened. They weren’t mad about it. They were terrified to death and worried that they would never see her again. “WAIT A SECOND!” the police chief exclaimed excitedly. Give me that, he yanked the phone out of my Mom’s hands and said to the Tecktiels, “You must have an iPhone right?” Yes was the response. “Do you have a track my child’s iPhone app?” the chief questioned. Yes again. “Locate Rian please.” the police chief said thinking “Duh, the people these days really don’t think about this stuff before we question them” Her phone is at  233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, Illinois 60606. “Oh really?” another policeman said thoughtfully. “That is the Sears Tower address!” “Perfect, Tom” whispered the police chief. “Rian is 2,030 feet high. “Even better!” said the genius policeman. “TOP FLOOR!”

Chapter 14

It was 2:00 in the afternoon when the SQUAT team arrived at the top floor of the Willis Tower. Most of them were clueless about what was going on. They reached the top of the elevator and saw an ad for Plawker Real Estate. What could be going on at a real estate place? Meanwhile the genius policeman was researching the Plati family and he found that Drew’s father had played football with Travie Hawker. The information was sent to the SQUAT team who quickly realized that Plawker Real Estate was a fake name for Hawker’s lair. They barged into the building and found a nice little office area with people working for real estate. The people never saw the SQUAT team who were all in disguise. They fell through a trap door and fell into a cell. Two of the members did not fall in luckily. The other men waited around as the rest of the group in the cell explored. They broke out of the cell furiously and found an older guy in his fifties maybe with a large beard. He was not recognizable as anyone. He was sleeping and snoring. Stupid tractor! He said in his sleep. Rian was screaming in another cell down the hall. No one could hear her, but she did hear men talking to Walter the dude who had a British accent (he was French and had horrible English comprehension, but had a great accent). Walter came to an agreement with them that they could roam the place searching. The guys heard a little girl scream, but investigated and found a wall from where her voice was coming from. They tried to bust down the wall, but that only got security from Travie going. The entire unexplored hallway was closed off.

Imagine Travie spinning around in this chair and laughing an evil laugh………..

Image from http://images01.olx.com/ui/3/98/53/44559553_4.jpg

Stylus Choice By: SAM D

If I were to choose one of the pens Mrs. Donnelly passed out, I would probably choose the Bamboo pen because it has the little thing on it and because it is light and easy to use. I would choose the Cosmonaut if it wasn’t so big and I would choose the Amazon if it was lighter.