Judea Reform Congregation Field Trip

Judea Reform Congregation Jan 2014 DSC_0172

Judea Reform Congregation

Last week we visited the Judea Reform Congregation where we listened to Rabbi Friedman share information about Jewish holidays, rituals, and beliefs. Ms. Saffo-Cogswell set up this field trip as an extension of what students are learning about in History. One thing Rabbi Friedman talked about was Torah.

Judea Reform Congregation Jan 2014 DSC_0180

What did you learn? Please comment below.

A Legacy of Courage – Dr. Franklin Eugene McCain Sr.

FM Memorial 1-16-14 DSC_0022

Jibreel Khazan (speaking) and Joseph A McNeil (left side-second seat), members of the A&T Four, celebrate Dr. Franklin McCain’s life and legacy

On Thursday, January 16, 2014 a group of students and teachers from Durham Academy attended the memorial service for Dr. Franklin Eugene McCain Sr. in Greensboro, North Carolina. Many have heard the story of his actions and courage at the Woolworth store in February 1960, but do you know about other aspects of his legacy? We smiled, cried, reflected, and learned from distinguished guests and family members about his every day beliefs and how those beliefs will continue to inspire us to live a better life each and every single day.

FM Memorial Carlton 1-16-14 DSC_0043

FM Memorial sons legacy 1-16-14 DSC_0064

Sons, Franklin E. McCain, Jr. and Wendell A. McCain, recalled life with their father.

Franklin McCain Memorial 1-16-14 DSC_9988

Will we live in the shadow of this civil rights pioneer, or will we be a reflection of what he lived for? You decide. What will you do each and every day to make things right? To speak up and act? To be your best self?

Photos by Patti Donnelly 2014



Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

A few weeks ago, our class wrote letters of gratitude to former teachers. We thought about activities we enjoyed, field trips, and perhaps more importantly, the person who made a difference in our life because they listened and cared. In this digital age, hand written notes are less frequent and therefore that much more treasured. We took the time to share memories, give thanks, and bring a smile to someone’s face. It is important to let people know they matter to you. Who are you going to thank today?


Speed Booking 11-18-13 current

Speedbooking 2 11-18-13 current

Today we got to do Speedbooking in the library. The timer was set and we had a pile of books in front of us. After evaluating a few books and visiting several tables, we got to check out new books we discovered. We love to read and this is a fun way to learn about books we haven’t read yet! Thank you Mrs. Longee.

Community Service – Gleaning

DSC_4272sweet potatoPhotos by Patti Donnelly

What happens to leftover food in the fields? On Wednesday, 48 6th graders rode an hour from school to an open field in North Carolina. In about two hours we gleaned 4,230 pounds of sweet potatoes that would have gone to waste. We worked with the Society of St. Andrew-NC who distributed 4,000 pounds to New Focus Community Mission in Enfield, North Carolina, and 230 pounds to individuals in need.

DSC_4290 bags of potatoes 2013

A donation of $20 will provide one person with the USDA recommended requirement of vegetables and fruits every day for two months. Checks can be made out to the Society of St. Andrew and mailed to: P.O.Box 25081 Durham, NC 27702-5081.  Or you can donate online.

DSC_4341 BrandonCaveny 2013

DSC_4375 IsabellaStrauss 2013


What are you doing to help our community?


davisEvernotePhoto by Patti Donnelly

Last Friday we had the opportunity to share how we use Evernote at our school. What is Evernote and how do you use it? Is there a class where you find that Evernote really helps you? Why should someone try Evernote? The cool thing about technology is that it is always evolving. If you were on the Evernote team, what would you suggest to make the app work better for you? Please comment below.

What Do You Notice?


Photo by Patti Donnelly

Part of paying attention is being aware of things around you and being present. I cannot remember when I noticed my first heart, but now I cannot help but notice them. I see hearts everywhere. As you can imagine, I photograph them. Perhaps you notice something as well.

Challenge: Tune in to what you are aware of for an hour, a day, a week, or more. Write a post about your awareness. If you can capture a photo, that would be fabulous! Feel free to comment below to let me know what you notice or what you will be looking for. Let me know if you find some hearts!