iPads by: Lucy W.

Photo by me

At our school every student in the middle school has been supplied with iPads. I have really enjoyed using the iPads because they let me keep track of my homework, worksheets and projects. In Language Arts and Spanish I think we use the iPads most, like when we read a book in Language Arts, I can just get it on my iPad so I don’t have to keep track of a book. In Spanish class we do all worksheets and homework on our iPads. We also have the option to study for quizzes and tests on our iPads.

In math class and history we do not use iPads very much. I would really like to take more notes on the iPad in these classes so I don’t have to carry binders and use paper. In Science class we can prepare for tests on our iPads and take Nearpod quizzes on them. I would really like them if they had all my textbooks online so I wouldn’t have to carry those books around. Also, I don’t like bringing a binder to every class with the exception of Language Arts where we don’t bring anything but an iPad and a book (unless it’s on the iPad).

Also, on the iPad we do lots of projects, like our history project and Language Arts projects. I like doing the projects on the iPad because it has all of these drawing apps and apps like Keynote that make the projects a lot easier. The iPads have been a really good experience for me and I really would like to use them next year.


iPad by Kira S.






This year we were introduced to a new piece of technology. When I found out that we were getting iPads for another learning tool, I was excited to see all the different ways we could use it for learning. Throughout the year I learned a lot of things we could do with the iPad. Although in most of my classes, we only used it every once and a while. I used my iPad in Language Arts class the most. I used it for posting new blog post, Membean, Wisdom Tale reading, Cosmic reading, and many other assignments. It was definitely a change from using mostly only computers and paper and pencil to using iPads. It was a fun and educational experience!


End of the Year iPads by Dylan J.

Screenshot taken by Dylan J.

This is the end of our school year and our iPad program. Overall, I think the iPads were a great learning tool letting kids use websites that help them study and going to websites teachers want us to. There are also many apps that helps us learn.

In particular, I think I used and liked Evernote and Flashcards the best. Flashcards helped me study for tests the old fashioned way. Evernote was where my teachers could post homework if someone was sick and they could put documents they want us to read or do on Evernote. I can also take notes on Evernote so that was helpful. Another good thing about the iPads is that we have the mail app which lets us communicate with our teachers if we are sick or we are missing work. The mail app also lets us email our friends to ask them if we did not write down the homework.


Membean by Dylan J.

Photo from Flickr Storm http://www.flickr.com/photos/47512547@N00/5666395942

In Language Arts we have been working on an online vocabulary learning system called Membean. We use this site to learn new words and study the ones we know. In my experience with Membean I think it was great and fun to challenge myself to see how many new words I could learn and questions I could get correct. I also think that Membean is well organized so that it is easy to learn new words and have fun. I hope that people who read this will try out Membean!


Membean by Kira





Photo: membean.com

Throughout the year in Language Arts class we have been doing vocabulary. We have also been using an online tool called Membean. Membean is a great way to expand your vocabulary and learn different parts of a word. I think that Membean has definitely helped me expand my vocabulary and knowledge about a variety of words. Membean is educational but is also fun! Some people might not be interested in learning vocabulary, but Membean helps make it fun! I’ve had a great time using Membean and I highly recommend it!


Membean by: Lucy W.

Photo Drawn by me

In Language Arts class we have been doing an online vocabulary website called Membean. Each person gets a set of words that suits their level, everyone works at their own pace. This year Membean has been a really good experience for me. I have learned lots of new words that I now see in books, movies and on television shows.

Membean is a really good system for learning vocabulary. It works at my own level and I learn so many more words. Also, my whole Language Arts class wrote feedback about Membean at the beginning of the year. We then got an email from the Membean developer about our letters. He replied to every single one of our letters. It was really cool seeing that he would take the time out of his day to write us all a reply.

At first I was not a fan of Membean because I had not gotten used to it, but then it became a really good learning system and I learned lots of new words. On Membean you can see your progress that you have made over that week, and you also can see what level you are on. Membean has been such a great experience for me and I would like to do it next year. This website has supplied me with a whole new set of words. I definitely recommend Membean to other students. It lets you learn the words at your own pace. Over this whole year I have improved a lot on getting more words correct and not as many wrong. I thought I really improved this year and I would like to do Membean next year.


Membean by Lana K.

 from membean.com
This year in Language Arts, we have started using Membean. Membean is a website designed for you to learn more vocabulary.

The learning process starts off with you learning a new word and its definition. On the same page there are many different things for you to learn or to help the word stick in your head. For example, there is a picture that helps depict (a word I learned on Membean) the word. Also, there is a memory hook such as a riddle or something else that helps you remember the word and the roots of the word.

Although, you don’t just see the word one time, there will be questions for you to answer about the word or about what it means. Also, word maps show up with synonyms of the word or words that describe it and you choose, out of four choices, which word the adjectives describe. You will see the pictures again, as well, and have to write which word it illustrates.

Overall, I think Membean is a great website. My vocabulary has expanded ten times since I began it and I’m pretty happy with it. If you are interested in extending your vocabulary skills, go to Membean!


The First Memory by Jack H

In Language arts class we are reading The Giver and in the book the Giver gives a memory to Jonas. I think it would be good to start with a happy memory. If I was the Giver, the first memory I would give would be of someone on vacation. I would do this because going on vacation is fun and I think that the person I’m giving it to would enjoy it. I think they would enjoy it because the memory would be at the beach and everyone likes the beach.


My First Memory To Go by Lana K.

Photo from FlickStorm

If I was in the position of the Giver in the book by Louis Lowry, I know what memory I would give up first. I would give the memory of a beach.

The beginning of the memory would start with the Receiver’s toes in the sand. Then, she would slowly, walk to the water because she would not be in any rush. Next, she would let the the tide roll over her feet. The scenery would be serene with no havoc being raised. For the rest of the memory, the Receiver would swim and relax in the ocean air.

I would choose this memory to give to the new Receiver because I would want them to experience serenity and happiness. P.S. I love the beach!!


Memory by: Lucy W.

Photo Drawn by Me

In Language Arts class we are reading the book “The Giver.” In this book Jonas a young boy lives in a perfect community, no pain, no war and no choices. Though, Jonas has been chosen to be the new Receiver, who is a person who receives all memories from the past, including pain, war, feelings and happiness. The current Receiver trains Jonas by transmitting memories to him of the past. Jonas has to experience everything that the Giver had which includes lots of pain.

If I were the Receiver, the first memory I would give away would be the beach. The beach is very peaceful, comforting, and relaxing. It would be a good memory where Jonas would experience warmth and comfort. He would see the seagulls flying above him looking for food, and he would see the shells all different shapes and sizes. He would hear the ocean and the children laughing while playing in the water. He would feel the sand beneath him, warm and soft. He would be happy, lying their the sun beaming down on him, it would be his happy place to go to when he was in pain, or needed to get away. It would be a pleasant, perfect memory to give away.