My Brain by: Sam G.


In Language Arts we drew our version of our own brain. There were lots of creative brain drawings. In most of the brain drawings there were some short blurbs about highlights in 6th Grade. It was really fun drawing my brain in class because no one can critique you on what your brain looks like. In the end it came out pretty awesome. Take a look!


My Highlights From 6th Grade by Sheridan


Overall, I have loved my 6th grade experience because of all the new friends that I have made as well as how I am doing academically. With iPads, I think that I have done very well because I can study a lot as well as practice things that I need to do. I loved using Membean because I can expand my vocabulary. I really enjoyed going to Camp Cheerio as well because of all the great food as well as the great acitivities. I think that this has been a very successful year and I really enjoyed it.

Brain by Keenan W


In Language Arts class, we made pictures of our brain. Inside we put things that we thought would be inside of our brain. Examples of things that are in my brain are school and sports. In our brain, we could put things about our sixth grade year. Inside of mine are things like vocabulary words and languages that I learned. I think that most of the things that are in my brain are things that are important to me and things that happened to me in 6th grade. Also on my brain is my Life List that we made in Language Arts in the middle of the year. These are things that we want to do in our lifetime. I think that this project was a great way to end the year because it helped us reflect on our year in sixth grade.

iPads by Noah

iPads were very helpful in my sixth grade year. I used it in many classes like Language Arts, history, math, Spanish and science. In Language Arts class, we used it every day for blogging and vocabulary lists and many other things. In history, I use it for researching places for projects. In math class, we don’t use it very much but when we do need it for things like practice quizzes, the iPads are very very useful. In Spanish we use our iPads to study new vocabulary. Finally, in science class we had an online textbook that we used for our animals unit. Overall, iPads were very useful this year and this year wouldn’t have been the same at all without iPads.


iPads in 6th Grade by Keenan W

Having an iPad in 6th grade has bean very helpful. I have used it in so many classes. For example, in Language Arts class, we use our iPad to learn vocabulary, write blog posts, do projects, and lots more. In Spanish, we use the iPads to learn new vocabulary and do worksheets. In all of our classes, we use iPads to write down our homework. Teachers also write what our homework is on Evernote. It is also so much easier to use our iPads in class than to have to go to the computer lab when we want to go online. My 6th grade experience would have been a lot different if we didn’t have iPads.


The Giver Assignment by Lana K.

In Language Arts we just started reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. In The Giver, at the age of 12, each child is given an Assignment. Their Assignment is their job for the rest of their lives. Their Assignment is selected very carefully by the Council of the Elders.

If I were to select my own Assignment, as if I was in The Giver, I would choose to be a Teacher for the Fours. I love children and it’s excited for me when they get the hang of something new! I would be very pleased if the Council of Elders chose that Assignment for me.

What Assignment would you select for yourself?


“The Giver” by Jack H

In class we are reading a book called The Giver. We have not gotten very far but we have learned about the jobs that they are given when they become a twelve. If I think I went through this I think I would be a security person. I would fit in with this job because I like things to be secure. If are society had that system I think I would not like it because I could not be different from other people. That’s the job I think I would have if we had that system.


The Westing Game by Lana K.








In Language Arts class we just finished reading The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. I love this book because of how Ellen Raskin incorporates every little detail that leads to a deduction. Even though sometimes I found myself confused, it was a good challenge for my mind.

There are many characters in The Westing Game, and our class had to illustrate each personality and fill out a Tradin Card for each one. My favorite character is Sandy McSouthers because of his upbeat personality and attitude. My least favorite is James Hoo because he is always negative and grumpy and doesn’t look on the bright side of things. Who is your favorite character?

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The Lady or the Tiger? by Lana K.

He glared at the doors, heart racing, sweat trickling down his forehead. Cogitating deeply, he thinks of what Princess Ava gestured, was it true that what was behind the door on the right would let him live? “Will she be at peace, knowing that I will leave happily? Or does she seek vengeance of what might become?” he thought. The doors angered him, knowing that what was behind them would determine his fate.

They were dark brown, the doors, to match the suave, brick amphitheater. The king delighted to see the youth in the arena was in a purple velvet robe and had a untamed look in his eyes. He looked over at his daughter. She was focused completely on the youth she was once courting with mourning in her eyes. The amphitheater smelled of leather and lime.

His saw agitation around the room and stepped an inch closer to the doors. About to grip the doorknob of the left door, he thought of how the Princess looked at him, nervous, but her face filled with love. He moved over and opened the right door.

Out came the celebration, along with one of the fairest maidens he had ever seen. Princess Ava was genuine. And so, the youth was married happily with a blessing from the Princess. As they left the amphitheater in joy, the crowd went wild in excitement.

Hero Books by Lana K.

Photos by Mrs. Donnelly

This semester in Language Arts we created books about a hero that we have. There was a literary and an artistic concept to this project. For the literary part, we wrote about our hero. We had to write an introduction to the project, a paragraph about their childhood, three different paragraphs about three different characteristics your hero obtains, and a paragraph about how your hero has impacted your life. For the artistic aspect, we created a scene that is important to us with our hero by stamping patterns, cutting, and layering paper.

For my hero, I chose my dad. The hardest part of this project was probably going through the editing process of my writing. The easiest (and most fun, in my opinion) was creating my scene. In my scene, my dad and I were walking through New York City, enjoying the city scenery, for my 10th birthday. Overall, I really loved creating my hero books and I’m sure all of the heroes enjoyed them, too.

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