A Flock Of Birds Wisdom Tale by Norman






I made some pictures for a wisdom tale called A Flock Of Birds from India. This is one of the pictures. The tale goes like this. There was a flock of quail living in a forest. One day a hunter showed up and captured some quail in a net to sell at the market. The remaining quail went to go see the old wise quail. The old wise quail said that they needed to work together. The hunter threw the net over the quail, but this time all the quail beat their wings as one and lifted the net away.

The next day the hunter came back and threw a net over the quail. The quail beat their wings as one, but one quail accidentally bumped into another one and started a fight. The quail could not lift the net and the hunter took them to market. The hunter laughed and said, “United they escape, divided they’re dinner.”  MORAL: Work together for the better of all.