Talk To Your Teen By: Shaylen

In the book Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce, there is a character named Liam. He’s the main character. People thinks he’s so much older then he is because he’s tall. So, he acts like a dad and started readying a book called Talk to Your Teen. Some advice if I were a dad would be teach your kids to have limits, like a certain amount of screen time. I think this is important because a kid should do his or her priorities first before any screen time. Also, I think it’s important because it can damage your eyes.

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Talk To Your Teen by Michiko


In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen. Here are some things I think should be in the book.

Do you want your teen to be happier? Here is some advice. Give them a time when they have to be in bed. They don’t have to go to sleep yet. Let them read and then later go in and make sure they are asleep.

Don’t let them have too much junk food. Make sure that they have something healthy too.

Don’t constantly check your teen’s texts or emails. If you think that there is a reason that you need to cheek then check.

Having a TV in your teen’s room is ok, just limit the time they can watch in their room. Phones and computers are also ok for your teen to have but they hate it if there are parental controls so don’t get them one if you are just going to put parental controls on everything. Phones give your teen a way to communicate with their friends easier and if they missed school that is a helpful way for them to get their missed work so getting a phone for your teen is not a bad idea. Phones should be limited, no texting at meals, don’t be afraid to take your phone away.

Sometimes talking to your teen can be helpful but your teen needs some freedom, so let them leave the house, but give them a time to be home if there is something the next day like school. If you follow this advice your teen will listen to you more and give you more respect.

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Talk To Your Teen by Julia K








Right now we are reading a book called Cosmic where Liam is reading a book called Talk to Your Teen. Here is something that I would add to the book:

Parents, no matter what you think, your child is in no way perfect. No matter what you do they are not going it get straight A’s. When you keep telling your child to study more and and reread the textbook and all that, they are just going to want to ignore you. Just remember that at some point in their lives, they are going to fail a test and it is better now than when it really matters. Wen you get upset with them, they feel pressured to get better grades and it just makes them frustrated.

But if you are really concerned about your child’s grades, then maybe talk to them about a new study habits and techniques. Some people have trouble understanding the material by just reading the textbook. If they love exercising, then maybe have them jump rope while you quiz them on vocabulary. If they are having trouble with math, then print some worksheets off of the computer and pretend like it is a practice test. These are some ways that you could become a better parent, and help your child too.

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