2011 Review by Cole D.

This is my 2011 review. There are lots of things that are special that happened to me during this eventful year. For example, I got a new dog, Mako. Also, I got another new dog, Blue. They are very cute and play a lot. Another thing that happened to me this year is that I am now able to bike up to Harris Teeter, a store near my house, by myself. These two things stick with me because I play with my dogs a lot now and I bike up to Harris Teeter about every day. In addition to those, I got a new bed, my walls were painted, and my playroom was redone. These stick because I use my room a lot and I use my play room a lot, too. Some things that happened to me this year that are sad are that my step-grandpa died this year. Also, I cut my finger with a pocket knife this year. (I have the scar to prove it.) These are some of the many things (bad and good), that happened to me during this year.


Photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/95572727@N00/6341844005

Photo of: PhotoWalk Egg in China (Built in 2011)