Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Josh K

My book, Peter Nimble, is about a blind boy who finds mysterious eyes that have powers. He is sent on a quest to save a kingdom and encounters many obstacles along the way. If you like books about quests and adventure this is a book for you. It is about 300 pages long and I am not loving it right now, but maybe it will get better. If you have read the book already make a comment, if not try the book. I have a huge waiting list for books, some of them are The Limit, as James described in one of his posts, a Mike Lupica book, and Hothead by Cal Ripken Jr. Just as an FYI Peter Nimble is kind of a weird book.

As I was finding this picture, I noticed that the author has a blog, maybe you would like to have a look at that. The website is in the caption, but it is not a link.

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Valentine’s Poems by Cole

In class a few days ago, we made Valentine’s Day Poems. It is where we take an article from a newspaper or book, then cut it out and choose random words to make a poem. What is cool about this particular kind of “poem”, is you don’t know what it will be like until you are completely finished with the whole thing. Here is what mine looks like:

MORE!!! A observation on blogging by: Ashwin S.

I’ve noticed over the time I’ve been blogging that most people have the same overwhelmingly feeling. That they want more comments more replies or as I phrased it in my title they want MORE!!! Well you think that I am stating the obvious because who wouldn’t want people to see what they were writing that’s the whole point of blogging isn’t it? Well I think that a lot of people want more comments because of human nature. The more people pay attention to you the better you do in life. Even I am feeling like I want more comments (So please comment) it’s just the way we are. A common phrase I say is the perfect way to describe this observation. That phrase is “That’s just life”.

Winter Break Hobby by: Ashwin S.

This winter break I had a friend of mine come to my house. He told me about how he collected coins and he got me started on collecting state quarters. I find collecting coins really fun because of all the intricate designs you see. I have this huge coin jar full of 119.23 dollars worth of change so my friend and I looked through for coins. Surprisingly, we found 51 out of all 56 coins you need to find for state quarters. Besides the 50 state quarters in the collection they also have 6 extension quarters in the collection which are Guam, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C, Northern Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands and American Samoa. Another interesting fact about the collection is that if you have all 56 quarters the value of the collection can be worth quiet a lot of money. Even more interesting is that if there is an error on a coin (like if they have “In God We Rust” engraved on the coin instead of “In God We Trust” which is quite a common error on Kansas state coins) it can be worth even more money. Right now the state quarters I’m missing are Oregon, Michigan, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa and Puerto Rico.

Book Review on Sophie’s World By: Ashwin S.

Sophie's World Book

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First thing’s first, this isn’t a baby book like the title makes it seem like. The full title is actually, Sophie’s World: A Novel About The History Of Philosophy. As it the title suggests the whole plot has a lot to do with philosophy. It’s about a girl named Sophie who gets a letter one day which says, “Who are you? Where does the world come from?” and before she knows it she is enrolled in a correspondence course, covering Socrates to Sartre and beyond with a mysterious philosopher. But at the same time she is receiving a separate batch of equally unusual letters. Who is Hilde? And why does her mail keep on coming to Sophie? To unravel this riddle, Sophie must make use of the philosophy she is learning. But the truth is far more complicated than she could have imagined… This book also was the 1# international bestseller. All in all, if you read this, you need to be ready for some serious thinking.

On We Go… By: Ashwin S.



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Finally the end of 2011 is near. Over this year there have been many changes for good and for bad. One of the things that is the most memorable to me is the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring is a nickname for the number of revolutions in the Middle East. This stands out to me because it shows how regular people can stand up and change the place they live in. I think that the revolution that stands out the most to me is the one in Libya. In the end you have to realize, no matter how much power you wield, the people below you can always take it away. I think Gaddafi (former dictator of Libya) didn’t realize that until right before his death. After Gaddafi’s death, I think that many dictators now realize that they have to be more careful. Another important thing that happened is the death of Osama Bin Laden. He was an evil man and do you know what happens to evil men? They get killed just like he did. Al-Qaeda is now very much weakened which is good because they are a terrorist society, and hopefully this will get a message through the thick heads of some people. If you are bad, you will face the consequences.

I’m also looking forward to 2012. The thing that’s really standing out about 2012 is the supposed Apocalypse the Mayans predicted. Hopefully not too many people will get worried and take drastic measures (commit suicide, spend all of their money) since I sincerely doubt that the Apocalypse will happen but you never know. Till then, on we go…

The Blogging Experience by: Ashwin

Computer Keyboard

Computer Keyboard, From: Wikimedia Commons

In the laptop pilot program our teacher showed us this blog. For some people, they immediately loved it. For others it was a eventual process before they constantly blogged (an example of that is me). And last of all there are some people who just aren’t into blogging. You can see who lands in each category by how many blog posts they’ve posted, but you have to consider the statement ‘quality over quantity’ while doing so. When I started blogging I wasn’t interested in it at all, but slowly I started to blog more and now I have more blog posts. The part I’ve enjoyed the most in the blog is sharing it with others. For example, those two people who looked at the blog from Taiwan were my best friends. It’s so exciting seeing more countries on our Flag Counter and more visitors. That is why I love the blogging experience.

My First Blog Post By Conor Z

baby on computer

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My First Blog Post

Today in LA we learned how to post blogs. It took me a long time to figure out what I was going to blog about. I then decided to blog about blogging. I have wanted to create my own web site for a while and I am happy to blog on this. I feel like it is the web site I have always wanted. The only thing is it is not mine. I am fine with that. Read more of the blog and enjoy.

Edublog: First Thoughts + New Technology By Cole D.

This is my first blog post. I think that Edublogs is a great place to to share ideas, learn, be creative, and interact with others. I am very excited to be writing articles and sharing them. I’m very thankful that we have such amazing technology, while others don’t have anything basically. Edublogs is one of the best technologies on the web in my opinion. I am writing this article to tell everyone that Edublogs is amazing. I think that if more people get an Edublogs account, it will change modern technology. For example, no more wasted trees by printing thousands of paper newspapers. Therefore, all newpapers would be on the Internet. Also, in the 1800s, they had no technology at all basically. And then think about now, with people texting each other things like “lol”, and many more abbreviations. Also, Siri, built into the new Apple iPhone 4S, can do basically anything you ask it. For example, you could say: Siri, find a shopping center near here. Next thing you know, BOOM! There’s a map showing all shopping centers within a 10-mile radius of your location. I think that technology is catching up very fast.

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