Hero Project by Alex P.

Photo by Patti Donnelly- Art by me

For this project, I enjoyed how we used the visual arts to support our hero stories. First, we folded a large peice of paper so that we could create a secret room when one popped the book out. We painted the scene in our “secret room” first- where we would place our hero (or something that symbolized him/her). We used textured or print paper to make a collage. Our class layered the ripped or cut paper to depict our vision of our hero. On another side, we continued the setting and cut out a part to reveal the secret scene. Last, we glued covers and flattened it on the booklet. I had lots of fun and I would like to thank the artist who was teaching us, Mrs. Peg Gignoux!


Hero Project by Julia K.









Photo by Mrs. Donnelly

In late January, we made hero pop up books in Language Arts class. I really enjoyed this experience because we got to be creative and we also got to make something that means a lot to other people. I chose to write about my father, Dave King, as my hero. I really enjoyed the experience of working with an artist and our books even got to go on display at the FRANK Gallery! We had a reception last week where the sixth grade, families, and heroes were invited to the gallery to see our books! My dad was out of town at the time so we went a few weeks ago. I had a great time at the FRANK Gallery because all of my friends were there and we all got to look at the books together! The display where the books are is so beautiful and it seems made for our books! Even though there were some ups and downs in making these books, overall I have had a great experience and I’m sorry that it is over.

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The Lady Or The Tiger by Davi


I thought about the decision I had made. My lover looked so desperate, silently asking me; Which door? Which door? I pointed to the door on the right. The door that held a fearsome tiger. I felt like a monster, leading my love to a gruesome death, instead of giving him a happy life with a woman who is not me. I could almost smell the raw meat, hear the flesh being ripped apart, and my lover screaming. Oh the screaming, I thought. Those gut-wrenching screams. I could barely stand the thought of those screams. I laid my head down on my arm, closed my eyes, and prepared for the horror yet to come.


As the princess cautiously pointed to the door on the right, the first thought that popped into my head was: Is that the door with the lady? I scolded myself for thinking such a thought. The princess wouldn’t let me die. I confidently sauntered over to the door on the right. I grabbed the handle, then yanked open the door. As soon the door opened I heard a fearsome roar. I instinctively jumped up as a blur of black and orange barreled out of the door like a shot from a cannon. My hand found the knife in my sleeve and pulled it out, fast as lightning. The whole coliseum gasped as they saw the fifteen centimeter blade. By now the tiger had spun around and was prowling around me. It lunged for a second time, and I ducked. The tiger smacked into the door and fell to the ground. the tiger got up, its eyes rubies, its teeth bared in a formidable snarl. The tiger lunged for a third time, and I didn’t duck. I don’t really know what happened next. It was all a blur. All I know is that I heard a sickening thwack as my knife cut into the tiger’s neck and cut its head clean off.


Thwack. That was the only sound I heard. Then no more. I could barely look up, fearing what I would see. I looked up and saw my lover. Still alive and with the tiger dead at his feet. In his hand was a long curved knife. The murderous look on his fae said one thing. I hate you.

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Talk To Your Teen by Norman


In the book Cosmic, Liam finds a book that his dad uses to talk to him. Here are some suggestions of what I think should be added.

One:  If your teen does not want to talk, do not trap them, ask them and make it feel natural.

Two: If your teen does not want to eat something, put a little bit in their next meal secretly.

Three: A way to bond with them is to play their games. Ask them about the games and try them.

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Talk To Your Teen By Joanna

Katie's iPad

Taken by Joanna Katie’s iPad

We are reading the book Cosmic and the main character, Liam, is reading a book called Talk To Your Teen. We are adding things to this book. Here is something that I would add.

Give your teen limited computer time unless what they are on the computer for is school. If you let them have too much screen time, then they will not have as much time to make real life friends. Also, you don’t want your teen seeing inappropriate things on websites they are not supposed to go on, and your teen might go on sites and make accounts that you don’t want them to make.

Make sure that your teen isn’t hiding electronics in his or her room. If you find electronics such as iPads or laptops in their room that are not supposed to be there, take them out and say nothing. Then, when your teen finds that the electronics are gone, they will know that you have figured out that they hide electronics in their room, and they will feel extra guilty when they come down. Make sure to read the expression of your teen when they come out of their room so you know when they have figured it out. When the time is right, give them the look that means I know you are hiding that in your room and you are in trouble. Try to limit your teen’s screen time so they can spend more time in real life.

Book Review/Recommendation by Sylvia








Photo by Sylvia

The book I am reading right now is called Down The Rabbit Hole. It was one of the books in a book talk a while ago I was interested in it and checked it out. I am really enjoying this book because something happens at the beginning that doesn’t get solved until the end. The main character, Ingrid, is thirteen years old, lives in Echo Falls and plays soccer. One day, she decides to walk to soccer practice because her parents didn’t come in time to pick her up. She gets lost on the way and a woman that is known to be crazy lets her inside her house. The woman lets her call a cab to come pick her up and when she leaves she doesn’t notice she forgot her cleats. Then, the next day, the woman is found dead in her house. Soon Ingrid realizes her cleats could make her a suspect for murder, but she doesn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, her choice was actually a bad idea.

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Mark of Athena by Alex P.

Rick Riordan, one of my ago favorite authors, wrote a new book in the Heroes of Olympus series called The Mark of Athena. It is about a world of Greek and Roman and mythology that mortals cannot see due to a magical force called the Mist.

In this book, seven Greek and Roman demigods set out to fulfill the Prophecy of Seven or The Great Prophecy and save the world from the earth goddess, Gaea, who has been planning to destroy human civilization. They voyage on the Argo ll to Rome, to save it from being destroyed by the giants, Gaea’s children. While the other demigods go to face the giants, Annabeth, one of the main characters and daughter of Athena, sets out to follow the Mark of Athena and find the Athena Parthenos, one of the most powerful and famous statues of her mother. Before she finds it, she must face dangers that will test her will, bravery, and craftiness. Will she find the statue? Or will she fail, just like the other children of Athena?

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Book I Like By Shaylen A.

Picture taken by Shaylen

Have you ever wondered why people like the book that they are reading? Well I’ll tell you why I like the book “39 Clues.” I am not the best reader, but I like books with mysterious titles and books that have a familiar author. I like the author Rick Riordan. There is one thing that I look at, the summary about the book. It has to follow those three rules for me if I choose it, or if a friend tells me I may look at it.

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My Current Book by Will P

Photo by Will P

I am currently reading The Compound, by S.A. Bodeen. In a book talk, Mrs. Longee talked about The Compound and I thought it sounded interesting. I like The Compound because of its interesting plot. I like how the plot is very different than any other book that I have read.

The Compound is about an opulent family during a nuclear war. They go into an underground mansion that the billionare dad designed but they accidentally leave behind one of the kids and the grandma! The book is all about what goes on in the compound. It also has flashbacks of the days when they lived above the ground. The book is told from the perspective of Eli, one of the kids. I am only on the 69th page, so the book may change its course.

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Maximum Ride Katie





Photo by Katie

I am reading the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. The series is really good and very exciting. Two of my friends were reading the series and loved them. They wanted me to read the series too. I started the series and loved each book. There are about six books in the series, but another one is coming out. I love the books because there is almost always action or something exciting happening. I love the series and cannot wait to read the rest.

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